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This category focuses on all aspects of work, including career choice, competency, burnout, work-life balance, and more. Will you find a career that you're passionate about? That earns a high salary? Will you work long hours? Be self-employed?

This page lists the best work-related quizzes on GoToQuiz, made by users just like you. Please explore and share!


  • Self-EmploymentQuizzes about self-employment, home businesses, contract work, and so on.

Our Work Quizzes

  • Career Cluster Clarity: The Ultimate Quiz
    [by: Grace, rated: rated: 4/5, published: May 19, 2015]

    Are you in school, tired of being bombarded with questions such as, "What are you going to be studying next year?" especially because you don't even know the…

  • What kind of scientist are you?
    [by: Jamael Sadallah, rated: rated: 3.8/5, published: Apr 23, 2011]

    Did you ever think you could be a scientist? Just about everyone has an inner-scientist. You may be surprised how many different routes you can take.

  • Personality Types and Careers
    [by: Hannah Sleeper, rated: rated: 3.79/5, published: Sep 8, 2014]

    Certain personalities align well with certain careers. Discover your type and learn which jobs fit that type best.

  • What Nursing Specialty Are You?
    [by: C, rated: rated: 3.53/5, published: May 8, 2007]

    So you've decided to go into Nursing, but now what? There are so many different areas to work in, how are you supposed to know where to go? Take this quiz and…

  • Leadership Style Test
    [by: Diana Ford, rated: rated: 3.34/5, published: Jan 22, 2008]

    Every person is born with the power to influence those around them. However, just as each person has a unique background and personality, everyone has a…

  • What career suits your interests?
    [by: The Geek, rated: rated: 3.32/5, published: Jan 24, 2011]

    A little confused about which way you want to take your career path? Some people know what job they want to persue from their childhood but others prefer to…

  • What Career Should You Have?
    [by: annafrozen12, rated: rated: 3.97/5, published: Sep 15, 2016]

    Thinking about your career and not sure what you'd like to pursue? Get matched to one of ten career choices!

  • How much of a Photographer are you?
    [by: Nick, rated: rated: 3.68/5, published: May 1, 2009]

    There are many photographers, but there could be many more! Photographers can make really good money, and it is very fun! Photographers can be very fun to…

  • Management Principles Study Quiz
    [by: homies, rated: rated: 5/5, published: Jan 30, 2017]

    I am making a quiz for my management class. This can be useful if you, too, are studying management. You can test yourself to see how prepared you are for…

  • Review Principles of Management - Study Quiz
    [by: jjoa, rated: rated: 5/5, published: Jan 30, 2017]

    This is a review quiz for my management class, and it can help you study as well. See how prepared you are for your classroom exams. Questions cover key…

  • What kind of primary care doctor are you?
    [by: Shelomo Solson, rated: rated: 4.5/5, published: Aug 20, 2015]

    Everyone always debates of what primary care specialty they should go into. These specialties include Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Ob/Gyn, Internal…

  • Library Acquisition Quiz (for aspiring librarians)
    [by: MT, rated: rated: 4/5, published: Dec 24, 2010]

    Library Acquisition is about helping the library select the best books, at minimum expense and for a maximum benefit. This quiz will help you go through…

  • Nursing Assistant Practice Quiz
    [by: Dawn, rated: rated: 4/5, published: Jul 17, 2012]

    Many people consider pursuing a career in nursing assistance, but not all are prepared to pass their program. A nurse assistant must also be patient and…

  • PTK Exam Prep Questions Quiz
    [by: Tonia Schultz, rated: rated: 4/5, published: Mar 6, 2018]

    These are example questions for the PTK exam (professional teacher knowledge) for folks who are studying to take the exam to be the awesome teachers we need!…

  • Are you a "fire wacker"?
    [by: amazon, rated: rated: 3.48/5, published: Nov 23, 2006]

    "There are many motivated and dedicated professional (volunteer, paid on call or career) fire fighters out there. Some are 'out there, on the fringe'. We call…

  • What kind of doctor should you be?
    [by: jen, rated: rated: 3.25/5, published: Jan 1, 2007]

    Being a doctor is a tough job, but there are many different kinds of doctors out there. What's right for you? Do you live on adrenaline or do you prefer to…

  • What intelligence agency should you work for?
    [by: jim kane, rated: rated: 3.12/5, published: Jun 25, 2007]

    Former CIA director Richard Helms once said that intelligence is the oldest still existing business in the world, the other being prostitution. While, some…

  • What will you be when you grow up?
    [by: Alex, rated: rated: 3.12/5, published: Jun 25, 2007]

    Have you ever wondered what you are destined to be? I'm sure you have thought about it. Whether you are a student or in a career at the moment, wouldn't you…

  • What Career Cluster Fits You Best?
    [by: The Psycho 3 + Tracy, rated: rated: 3.08/5, published: Oct 29, 2007]

    There are many jobs and career paths, and possibly many that suit you. But it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to pursue. This handy quiz lists in…

  • What Career Should You Have?
    [by: crazyglittergirl, rated: rated: 2.98/5, published: Dec 21, 2013]

    See how ten possible career options rank for you based on how you answer these questions.

  • How Good A Teacher Are You?
    [by: manglewurzel, rated: rated: 2.96/5, published: Nov 13, 2013]

    Are you a born teacher? Are you motivated, learning-focused and results-driven? Or are you a work-shy, inspection-fearing excuse for an educator? This handy…

  • What kind of archaeologist are you anyway?
    [by: Laurence Hayes, rated: rated: 2.89/5, published: Nov 14, 2013]

    It's easy to sit there, thinking you're one of them there archaeological boffs off of the telly, but just what kind of archaeologist are you? Do you know your…

  • Could you be a bank teller?
    [by: Teresa, rated: rated: 2.79/5, published: Jan 6, 2007]

    Where do we go when we need money? The bank. You know what it's like to go to a bank to cash your paycheck, but have you ever thought of what it would be like…

  • Are You Making The Most of Yourself At Work?
    [by: Tony Imgrund, rated: rated: 2.67/5, published: Mar 13, 2009]

    There are many ways of regarding work. For some, it is a necessary evil, for some, a social duty, and for an unhappy few, an escape from the emotional burdens…

  • Should you be a lawyer?
    [by: Ten, rated: rated: 2.66/5, published: Apr 11, 2007]

    Many feel they have what it takes to become an attorney. Many attorneys feel they are in the right career, whiles others wrestle with their decision. The…

  • What kind of lawyer are you?
    [by: gene, rated: rated: 2.55/5, published: Nov 21, 2006]

    Not all lawyers are the same. In fact, some lawyers are mean, some are nuts, some are ugly, and some make you want to tear your hair out and run away.

Self-Employment Quizzes

  • Business Owner / Manager Self-Assessment Quiz
    [by: Karen Fritz, rated: rated: 5/5, published: Mar 27, 2011]

    Running your business is a lot like driving a race car. I do both. Making decisions in the overwhelming entrepreneurial world is a lot like when you're…

  • What kind of shop should you own?
    [by: annafrozen12, rated: rated: 3.06/5, published: Sep 19, 2016]

    You want to open up your own shop, but which kind is right for you?

  • Are you ready to Work at Home?
    [by: Madeline, rated: rated: 2.6/5, published: Aug 26, 2009]

    If you're currently working in a traditional office environment and you dream of ending your commute, greeting your kids at home after school and working in…

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