Can you be a good car salesman?

I have been in car sales for about 8 years, I have seen really shy people become great salesmen, and i have seen some outgoing, life of the party people be horrible at it. Before i went in to the car business i swore i would never sell cars for a living and here i am, this quiz is just to get a small idea if you can maybe make it in the car business.

There are salesmen that make on an average of about $10,000 a month by just selling cars, yeah you heard right $10,000 a month, of course it depends on where you work and what brand you sell, but the money is there, can it be yours?

Created by: jerry morfin
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  1. Can you learn a story told to you only once and repeat it in your own words but saying the same thing?
  2. Are you able to look someone in the eyes and completely lie to them, with out a blink, or emotion?
  3. Do you give up when something gets too difficult or when you get too many no's?
  4. Can you get along with different types of people, different personalities?
  5. Being a car salesman requires alot of patience, are you patient?
  6. Are you good at making up stories to help out in the sale of the vehicle? example: My mom bought this same vehicle a year ago and she loves it.
  7. Do you believe this saying; If you can't make money on your family don't sell them a car?
  8. If the manager tells you that if you sell car "A" you will make $500, but if you sell car "B" you will only make $200, and you have somebody that wants car "B" and it fits his needs better, but you can probably sell him car "A" even though is the wrong ca
  9. It's the end of the day, 5 minutes and you go home, you have had a horrible day at the dealership, no one has good credit and to many people "just looking" and you see a couple walking towards the lot, what do you do?
  10. If you only need $1500 a month to survive, and it's the 15th of the month and you have all ready obtain that amount, what do you do for the rest of the month?
  11. You have sold 5 cars in one day, and you see some people on the lot, and you know other salesman need sales, do you tell them? or do you try to get another sale?

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Quiz topic: Can I be a good car salesman?