Business Owner Quiz - Driver Style Assessment

Running your business is a lot like driving a race car. I do both. Making decisions in the overwhelming entrepreneurial world is a lot like when you're flying down the straight at 120 MPH, about to hang a 90 degree turn.

To get top performance out of your business vehicle, you need high performance skills for the driver. Find out how your business driving style rates with this quick assessment.

Created by: Karen Fritz

  1. Coming into a period of transition in your business is a lot like coming into a turn on the track at the end of the straight away. How often would you say you: Brake too early or too hard, scrubbing off too much momentum?
  2. Lift off the throttle or hold back from flooring it, not fully engaging all the power you know you're capable of?
  3. Enter the corner too fast, missing expectations, going over budget, and squealing the tires?
  4. Go into tunnel vision and get too focused on a single apex, losing context?
  5. Find yourself in recovery and catch up mode?
  6. Feel so stressed that you know your reflexes and decision making are slow? Hesitate and miss opportunities?
  7. Chew yourself out for missing a shift or doing something wrong?
  8. Spend mental energy looking back on a mistake?
  9. Get glued to the rearview mirror, monitoring the competition, someone you know you want to stay ahead of?
  10. Find concerns from home or other areas of life distract your attention and pull you off track?
  11. Miss a reference point and get thrown off your line?
  12. Not hit the apex consistently, wander in your performance from one lap to the next?
  13. End up standing on the brakes not even worrying about turning any more?
  14. Try to analyze "the best line" and stick to it, even when conditions of the track, the vehicle, and the driver are changing, rather than adapt quickly?
  15. Miss key indicators like changes in tire grip (traction with your market), brake heat (burning out), and track condition (economic shifts)?
  16. Get target fixation (me-too syndrome) and follow the line of the car in front of you, which may be totally inappropriate for your vehicle?
  17. Have a nagging feeling that you're a little off course, off track, and second guess what you're doing?
  18. Just go into panic and fear, ruining all the fun in the game?
  19. When you ride the brakes all day and slow yourself on the track, the brakes get overheated and can cause the fluid in the lines to boil and become compressible rather than giving a crisp response. Racers call this brake fade. How often do you suffer from brain fade? Feel tired, exhausted, depleted?
  20. Every business driver faces a lot of incoming data and choices constantly. What are the current track conditions? Where are the other drivers? What is your vehicle currently capable of? Where's the next apex milestone and what's your best line for getting there? When you consider taking your business to the next level, do you:

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