So, you think you’re a better driver than Edge, eh?

So I'm Edge and I like cars. There are many cars on the road. More to the point, there are many drivers both good and bad. I'm lucky - I'm an awesome driver. My car it's my life. How about you?

Do you think you are good driver? Most people do, but this quiz will help you find out for sure. Are you as good as Edge? Well, just complete the little quiz you'll find out.

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When the traffic light goes amber, do you:
Glance at the speedo, glance at the traffic, speed up and fly through whilst making a kind of â??woo hooâ?? sound a bit like Han Solo.
Slow down to a stop gently and conscientiously every time.
Drive like normal; not fast, not slow. Go through if thereâ??s time or stop if thereâ??s no time, you guess.
Close your eyes. After all, you can check the colour of the light in your mirror if you make it though to the other side.
When it rains do you:
Shout, curse and fume at all the other drivers because theyâ??re driving like big babies and theyâ??re gonna make you late. Then when you get the opening, drive as fast as you can whilst making a kind of â??woo hoo&A
Drive like normal; not fast, not slow. With a little extra care though, obviously
Drive slowly and conscientiously.
Drive in and out of the puddles hoping to drench pedestrians whilst aquaplaning about all over the place. You canâ??t really see anyway because your wipers are at an inadequate speed. Hell, if you crash â?? it was meant to be.
When you are late for work, do you:
Drive stipidly fast over all the â??paintedâ?? parts of the road, where youâ??re not supposed to drive, whilst making a kind of â??woo hooâ?? sound a bit like Han Solo.
Drive carefully and conscientiously because getting there safely is the main thing.
Drive like normal; not fast, not slow. The the boss was probalbly caught in the same traffic anyway.
Totally ignore what the other drivers are doing, they should be able to see you, and drive really fast whilst bracing for the very real possibility of a crash.
When you see a police car do you:
Ignore them, itâ??s too late to slow down and besides, theyâ??d only notice youâ??re not wearing your seat belt if you did(and fly past whilst making a kind of â??woo hooâ?? sound a bit like
Nod in acknowledgement. Youâ??re driving conscientiously and theyâ??re doing a fine job.
Drive like normal. However, you might feel a little guilty perhaps, enough to check check the speed, but thatâ??s about all.
Curse them, rev your engine and show them a rude hand and gesture. God you hate the filth. Youâ??ll crash and very probably die before they catch you.
When looking for a new car, do you:
Look at the body. Look at the engine. Look at the fat rims and size of the muffler. Get in and rev up whilst making a kind of â??woo hooâ?? sound a bit like Han Solo.
Carefully check the upholstery and the leg room for the kids. Then conscientiously ask the dealer about safety and miles to the gallon. You donâ??t want anything too racey.
Get in, see how it feels. Check the milage. Ask about previous owners perhaps. You know, all the stuff to make sure itâ??s not a lemon.
Sweat and Drool. Have hallucinations. It ought to last until you crash.
Which of these words could describe you:
Which of these colours is most appealing?
Which one of these is a bad habit or once was a bad habit of yours?
Which of these types of music would you most like to hear whilst driving?
Hip hop
Do you wash your car?
Yep, every week, by hand - wax and all.
Yep, sometimes, by hand
Yep, I do it at the gas station.
Not often. The rain will do the trick

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