What Type of Driver are You?

There are poor drivers and good drivers. Courteous drivers are a rare breed these days. More often today than our roads are filled with road rage. How do you rank with regard to courtesy on the road?

Are you a courteous driver, an average driver. Should you have your license suspended or take a driver training program to keep you and others safe on our roads?

Created by: Kemi
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  1. You are driving along and come to a stop sign...
  2. You are driving in a parking lot and someone is backing out of their parking space ahead of you. What do you do?
  3. You are on a three lane highway in the outside lane. Someone in the middle lane wishes to pass in front of you to take the next exit. They signal their intention. What do you do?
  4. You are visiting a friend at their home. You park in the road near their house but the space is very tight and won't allow a car to fit without partially blocking a driveway.
  5. You are driving on a two lane road and a bicycle is on the road ahead of you. You wish to pass.
  6. You are coming to a four way stop.
  7. You are approaching a stop sign at a 'T' intersection with a car stopped ahead of you on a single lane road. The car stopped in front of you is making a left hand turn. You are making a right hand turn.
  8. The road ahead of you narrows to one lane from two. You are in the outside lane and there is a vehicle in the inside lane just a few feet ahead of you. Just before you reach the end of your lane you...
  9. There is road construction up ahead and the lanes narrow from two to one lane. A car beside you is trying to merge into your lane beside you.
  10. You come to a four way intersection where the traffic lights are not working.

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