What type of driver are you?

This is a real driver's test. Not to be confused with the one you took to get your license. Anyone can pass that one as can be seen daily on the roads and highways.

This quiz is not based on your knowledge of driving laws, but on your common-sense and attitude toward fellow drivers. Of course, answer honestly to get a true perspective. We won't turn you in to local authorities if you score low. But, you should probably turn yourself in if you do.

Created by: Jim Jupiter
  1. You enter your vehicle and are about to be on your way. You first:
  2. Because your street is narrow, cars approaching from opposite directions must take caution not to collide. When this happens you:
  3. You are now on the Interstate on-ramp. Traffic is heavy and moving quickly. You:
  4. The speed limit is 65 MPH. The Left lane is moving along at 80 MPH. You:
  5. You're in the right lane traveling at 65 MPH and cars are merging from the on-ramp to the right. You:
  6. You notice a Sheriff's car moving up on you from behind. You:
  7. Your bumper sticker reads:
  8. You are now on a single lane highway in a no-passing zone. You notice that the cars in front of you have disappeared over the horizon, and yet there is a line of cars behind you that is getting longer. Some of them are sounding their horns. What should yo
  9. You are involved in a collision. You were distracted for a second and didn't realize the car in front of you had stopped. You hit them from behind. So you:

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Quiz topic: What type of driver am I?