CSU's Driver's Ed

Sure, you made it to CSU. So you have to be at least smarter than the average bear. But what about your driving skills? How good are they? In case you haven't noticed, driving around CSU's campus or Fort Collins can sometimes be nothing short of frustrating.

So, are you a good driver? Here's your chance to put your driving knowledge to the test. Think you got what it takes punk? Huh? Do ya? This quiz is dedicated to the facuilty and students of Colorado States University.

Created by: Alex Hebert
  1. Okay, let's start with something easy. What are the positions your hands should be at while holding the steering wheel?
  2. Got that last one right? Hope so. Otherwise you should just give up and turn in your lisence. Okay, now we're gonna up the ante. When do you use a turn signal and how much time should you allow yourself and other drivers/individuals on the road to know yo
  3. Pedesterians always...
  4. Bicylcists and skateboarders are...
  5. Which of the following is considered a "Toy Vehicle" by Colorado law, and is not allowed for usage on public roadways?
  6. Hopefully, you KNOW you shouldn't be drinking if you're under 21. Additionally, if you're drinking and of legal age, you SHOULD know not to drive while intoxicated. But just in case, smart guy, under Colorado law, what is the BACs (Blood Alcohol Concentat
  7. You're coming up to an intersection with a stop sign and a marked crosswalk. Where do you come to a full and complete stop?
  8. So you're stopped at an interesection with a stop sign. No other vehicles are present. How long do you wait before accelerating/turning/etc?
  9. You and another person reach a four way (or three way) intersection at the same time. Which vehicle has the right of way?
  10. When making a proper turn onto a multi-lane roadway (say, College for example), what is the proper lane you should turn onto?
  11. Final question. Multi-tasking is something college students like to think themselves as masters of. But it's not smart to do while driving. What are some of the things considered distractions while driving?

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