Are you ready to Work at Home?

If you're currently working in a traditional office environment and you dream of ending your commute, greeting your kids at home after school and working in your pajamas, you might want to consider a work-from-home opportunity.

But, before you walk away from your day job, and commit to an at home business, take this test to find out just how ready you really are. Remember, there are no right or wrong answer, so just be true to yourself.

Created by: Madeline
  1. I am certain that my patience, skills, and confidence can pull me through the tough times.
  2. I expect my home-based business to produce immediate results.
  3. When you have an idea you're sure will be a success, you accept suggestions on improving it, but no one can divert you from how great it is.
  4. You prefer to work as a team, rather than have full responsibility for accomplishing a project.
  5. When you sit down to complete a task, it gets done, no matter how boring or repetitive you find it.
  6. You're looking forward to the at home office vibe-- wearing what ever makes you comfortable, taking breaks to run errands, or exercise at your convenience.
  7. You're comfortable stepping off your current career path, even if it means that you may have difficulty getting back on in the future.
  8. You've already planned out an ideal work-at-home schedule: when you'll work, how child care will be handled, couple time, or personal time.
  9. You have done thorough research on your endeavor.
  10. You have made up your mind that this is what you want to do.

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Quiz topic: Am I ready to Work at Home?