Are you ready to leave home

I made this quiz for school, but when i was going through it help me find out if i was ready to leave home and i hope it helps you just as it did for i wish you luck and hopefully you will be able to grow up and move out and on away from home.

to leave or not to leave that in the question. but in this quiz you will be able to find out if you are good to go, if you are getting close to being ready to leave or if you are going to be stuck at home forever.

Created by: amazon

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  1. You just moved out for a trail run to see how things go you....
  2. your mom is sick and your dad is at work so you mom ask you to go get some grocery from the store you
  3. when you want something but you can't get it you...
  4. you are going out for the night you call you parents....
  5. you have a nightmare you..
  6. do you have a full time job that you think could pay off your bills if you left home
  7. do you think you are ready to leave home
  8. do you fell like you have to leave
  9. your little sister is moving out and going to school you are ....
  10. your parents need help with the bill you

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Quiz topic: Am I ready to leave home