How Jacksonville NC Are You?

There have been millions of people that have, at some point, or currently are, calling Jacksonville NC home. The majority of these people have been glad to leave and on the same note been glad to have been part of this city. Most of the influx of people is due to the two Marine Corps bases located here, Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River.

So Do you have the J-ville fever? Have you seen all there is to see of Jacksonville? Are you ready to scare yourself or maybe for some of you, impress yourself. Either way you end up on this quiz I'm sure you will want to forget it all afterwards. So good luck.

Created by: Daniel
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  1. What Street Has the Most Pawn Shops On It?
  2. What Is the Most Crowded Day Of the Week For Walmart?
  3. What Word Best Describes the Jacksonville Police Department?
  4. Jacksonville Nickname Used By the Younger Crowd Is....
  5. When Driving Down Hwy 17. Your More Likely to See....
  6. What Type Of Car Are You More Likely To See While In Jacksonville?
  7. When Shopping For Designer Cloths You Would Go To...
  8. What Is the Jacksonville Ninja?
  9. Which Street Is the Worst For Driving Durning Five O'Clock Traffic?
  10. The Weather In Jacksonville Can Best Be Described As....

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Quiz topic: How Jacksonville NC am I?