Just How J-Actionville (NC) are you?

Jacksonville, North Carolina is a melting pot of America. Americans from everywhere are brought here and leave within a few years only to be drawn back by some ridiculous force that Jacksonville has on its residents.

Find out just how much of an affect this town has had on you. From our crazy drivers to our ridiculous number of steak houses, we know you love to hate it, but you'll be back. Someday.

Created by: Melissa
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  1. Which street has the most pawn shops on it?
  2. Which day should you avoid Wal-Mart the most?
  3. What is the name of Jacksonville's only adult toy store?
  4. Most used nickname for Jacksonville
  5. When driving down Marine Blvd., you're most likely to see...
  6. Which type of car are you most likely to see in Jacksonville?
  7. Approximately how many animals does Jacksonville's zoo have?
  8. When shopping for designer clothes, you MUST go to...
  9. What is the Jacksonville Ninja?
  10. Which street MUST you avoid during evening rush hour?
  11. The weather in Jacksonville can be best described as...
  12. Where is Stench-Mart?
  13. How many escalators are in the Jacksonville Mall?
  14. Which high school and mascot is accurate?
  15. What's our newest large restaurant (as of January 2008)

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Quiz topic: Just How J-Actionville (NC) am I?