Should US Citizens be allowed to live Off the Grid?

People of the United States of America need to start coming together and fighting for the wrongs of our nation. Those who sit back and do nothing will soon find out that they were wrong.

If you do not fight for what is wrong, than you are no better than those making these ridiculous laws. When the last of our freedoms are gone, then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Created by: Harper Rants
  1. As long as the taxes are paid, people on their own land should be allowed to.....
  2. Solar and Wind Energy can assist the environment, keep energy costs down, and save unsafe power plants.
  3. Eating less meat, means less methane gas to our atmosphere.
  4. Recycling and eliminating the use of plastic, saves money and helps the environment.
  5. Growing a garden saves money, and adds to your health.
  6. Planting trees (especially bamboo) helps reduce the carbine in the air we breath.
  7. A compost toilet saves water and keeps bacteria out of the ground.
  8. Growing your own food is healthy and self sufficient.
  9. Rain water collecting is a natural way to save our water resources.
  10. Raising our Children to appreciate Off the Grid Living, helps them to understand life.
  11. Pioneers went West for a new life, they lived and died for it.
  12. The Pilgrims came to America for a free life. Our Forefathers wrote American laws so that the Government would work for the people.

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