Ancient Greece: Government in Athens [Detached]

In earliest times most Greek city-states were ruled by kings, but by around 500 BC many of the city-states had developed forms of government in which the people had a say about how they should be governed.

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Created by: Riptide
  1. What does demos mean?
  2. What does kratia mean?
  3. Who were the foreign-born inhabitants called?
  4. The Athenians took turns in running the government. They had two methods. What is the name of the first method, which members were chosen by drawing lots annually?
  5. What was the second method of voting at the assembly called, if a citizen believed that a politician became too powerful?
  6. A politician could be exiled for __ years if a vote in the Assembly thought he was too powerful. Fill in the blank.
  7. In how many days does the Assembly meet?
  8. The Council of 500 were men who dealt with day-to-day business of the city state. When were they elected?
  9. How many members came from each of the 10 tribes of Athenian citizens?
  10. Where were meetings held?
  11. How many citizens were there?
  12. How many women and children were there?
  13. How many metics were there?
  14. How many slaves were there?
  15. Define "constitution".

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