Ancient Greece Test: Greeks vs Persians

Ancient Greece is a fascinating topic. I started learning about it in seventh grade and now I understand a heap about it. With enough practice and studying, you can to.

Greece and Persia have always been arch-enemies. Constant wars and fighting between those two. In this short quiz, you're going to face questions which include of the war on the Plain of Marathon, Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Salamis. Greece has not been successful in all three of the wars but they have shown true courage and loyalty.

Created by: Riptide
  1. Who was Darius?
  2. What did the Athenians do to Darius' messengers as they asked for a sign of earth and water?
  3. When did Darius attack?
  4. The Athens sent a great runner named _____ to Sparta to ask them for help.
  5. Why did the Spartans refuse to help the Athenians revolt against Darius?
  6. How many Persians against how many Athenians?
  7. So the Athenians won the battle on the Plain of marathon. What happened to the great runner?
  8. When did the Persians begin their third invasion? Who was it led by? (Hint: Xerxes, Darius' son)
  9. What was Prince Xerxes list of careful preparations?
  10. Who was Leonidas?
  11. How was the Persians helped as they won the battle of Thermopylae?
  12. True or False: The Spartans fought until everyone was killed.
  13. Later a memorial was set up with a simple sentence. What did it say?
  14. After the Persians defeated Sparta, where did they move?
  15. Who was Themistolces?
  16. It was a battle between Xerxes, prince of Persia and Themosticles, Athenian leader. Who won?
  17. Who consulted the Oracle of Delphi and was advised to "put faith in wooden walls"?
  18. Women of Athens were transported to which areas of the country?

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