Ancient Greece Test: Legend 2#

Ancient Greek legends is one of my favorite concepts in the entire study of Ancient Greece. I favor the heroes, particularly Odysseus, Herakles and Achilles, a brave hero who you will be asked questions about in this test.

The Iliad is one of the most well-known poems in the Greek Mythology. It is possible Homer, the poet of Iliad, combined several conflicts of war into one epic poem.

Created by: Riptide
  1. How many years did the Trojan War rage on for?
  2. Who was Homer?
  3. Who was Helen married to?
  4. What happened to her?
  5. Who were the three goddesses who Zeus had to judge the most beautiful?
  6. What did Hera offer Paris as a bribe?
  7. Who did Paris choose at the end?
  8. Who was the king of Troy?
  9. What was the name of the Greek soldier who tricked the Trojans into believing that the Greeks retreated when they were really hiding in the gift of a wooden horse?
  10. Why was Achilles' right heel vulnerable?
  11. Who was Achilles parents?
  12. Which fine Trojan soldier did Achilles kill?
  13. How did Achilles die?
  14. VOCABULARY CHECKUP- What is the definition of "besiege"?

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