Ancient Greece Test: The Early Greeks

Ancient Greece is a fascinating topic. I started learning about it in seventh grade and now I understand a heap about it. With enough practice and studying, you can to.

The Early Greeks always has been a long and historical subject. It all dates back to the times of when the word "Greek" did not exist! In this quiz, you will test your knowledge on the Early Greeks and why there were no such thing of the country Greece as a whole.

Created by: Riptide
  1. Who were the first important civilization in the Mediterranean Sea?
  2. Where were they located?
  3. When was the first prosperous ancient Greek civilization on the mainland?
  4. Who were the original Mycenaean?
  5. Mycenae was the richest and most powerful city until what time?
  6. Who were the Mycenaean kingdoms overrun by?
  7. What does Hellas mean?
  8. Describe one thing about Mycenaean.
  9. Describe the Dorians.
  10. Explain why Greece developed into a number of separate states and did not consider themselves as one country.

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