Ancient Greece Test: Sparta

We tried to fight for what we thought that we believed in/Maybe it was all for nothing/I bet that was all for nothing/So we drive/Cos we like to alone/There's nowhere for us to go

How can you think/That any of this easy/With all the friends I've lost along the way/When this is over/We're all getting older now/And we all play a part in it

Created by: Riptide
  1. When did the Messenian revolt happen?
  2. True or False- The Spartans were deeply disturbed by this revolt and were determined to not allow it to happen again.
  3. Who helped reform Sparta?
  4. What did this helot revolt make Greeks realize?
  5. Overall, Spartans took wars seriously and wanted a strong military troop. Can you name a major war Sparta took part of?
  6. Sparta's boys education was directed towards making him a good soldier. What age did he leave home to go where?
  7. What outcomes were the education of Spartan boys directed to?
  8. When a Spartan boy was born, he was washed in wine to see if he was strong enough to take it. If he wasn't, he goes somewhere, as a "place of rejection." Where is this?
  9. What happened at the Artemis Orthia before Lycurgan reforms Sparta?
  10. True or False- Spartan girls were given an unusual amount of freedom.
  11. How old were you supposed to be in Sparta, to become a citizen?
  12. What was that war where 300 Spartan soldiers were killed, including the king who led them?

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