Ancient India Quiz

Congratulations by the end of the quiz you should have learned enough about Ancient India to be a true Ancient Indian Genius. Keep working hard and you will master all the Ancient civilizations.

Take the Ancient Indian Quiz to find out how much you truly know about Ancient India. You may be surprised by some of the answers and even learn a few new things about this very developed ancient civilization.

Created by: India Quiz Maker

  1. Indian Houses were built from
  2. Men and women dressed
  3. For entertainment Ancient Indian People enjoyed
  4. The ancient Indian dinner consisted of
  5. Ancient Indians were great farmers and grew many crops including
  6. Some toys of Ancient Indian children that were found were
  7. Ancient Indian craftsman were skilled in
  8. The Ancient Indians even had engineers who built
  9. Ancient India was called
  10. Two Ancient Indian towns were called

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