what is your beast of war

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In the past many ancient civilizations have used beasts of war, the midievil knights used horses, the ancient chinese used mongolion ponies, the ancient hindu and very ancient asian sometimes used elephants

war beasts are any animal that is used in war like pokemon 8) also a beast of war is deadly and most of the time has a rider like horses, stallions, ponies ect.

Created by: TYRANTULA

  1. would you rather your beast be....
  2. what weapon do you like
  3. what type of beast is your favorite
  4. the element you like
  5. your beasts preferred natural weapon
  6. do you like animals
  7. what is your beasts coat like
  8. woooooo
  9. are you a good person [this does affect your answer]
  10. finally this quiz is over, what result would you like

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Quiz topic: What is my beast of war