The Beast Within Part Two

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Welcome to Part Two! In this episode, you'll be attending Governor Smith's Autumn celebration in defiance of the beast. However, things don't go as planned...

Recap:So in Part One, There is a rumor going around about a Beast that lurks the woods at night every Autumn... Traditionally, a sacrifice is chosen as a peace offering for the Beast. But this year, rather than give a sacrifice, Governor Smith has declared an Autumn celebration, to declare that there is no Beast.

Created by: James Bond

  1. October 17th, the day of Governor Smith's Autumn Celebration in defiance of the Beast. If this creature DOES end up existing, you'll all be in for a world of pain once it sees that it hasn't been given a sacrifice. Fall is said to be the time of year which this monster is said to wake up. You, Jack, and Joan make your way down to the town square, where the party is to take place. A beautiful evening, perfect for Fall. You hold under your arm a large pumpkin, dressed in a dashing black suit. You pass the local church on the way. Father Bailey stands out on the stone steps, protesting at the top of his lungs that the time for the Beast to judge the wicked has come. It's obvious that he believe the Beast is out there somewhere. What's your take on this?
  2. Now thinking on this, you are in deep thought until something grabs you from behind. You almost jump out of your skin. Turning around, you expect to see a shock. But no. Nicholas stands behind you, laughing his head to pieces. "A bit on the edge are we, then?" His English accent could be spotted a mile away here. Jack and Joan chuckle at your spazz attack. Elizabeth comes up on the other side of Nicholas, looking as beautiful as ever. "Evening," she says, with her trademark Italian accent. So out of the for members of your group that you met to far: Jack, your brother and with a sharp mind, Joan, your sister striving to be the an artist, Nicholas, your good friend and a decent hunter, and Elizabeth, the beautiful amateur poet, what is your opinion of the group so far?
  3. The five of you make it to the town square, where dozens of small tents are set along the grass. A violinist is performing on stage which is at the center of everything. Smith has the banquet table right under the stage, and has prepared a small dance floor for his guests. Ok, so he obviously knows how to throw a party. Thoughts?
  4. The violinist finishes his song as the five of you get to the center of the action. After his applause from those who were watching, the musician boys and exits stage left. Smith enters from stage right, applauding as well. He makes his way to the center of the stage, now having everyone's attention. "I'd like to thank you all for coming," he begins. "We've all had a good year so far. Lets not let this 'Beast' nonsense ruin it. Have a drink, dance, have fun. I know I will." Some laughs. Thoughts?
  5. The party continues, still going strong into the night. It isn't until later that Nicholas says to you "Well, what are you waiting up for? Looks to me like Elizabeth over there needs herself a dancing partner..." He's right, Elizabeth isn't occupied. You casually walk over to her with that French/English swag and say "Care for a dance?" Flattered, Elizabeth takes your hand, as a slow waltz song is being played by a flutist, a pianist, and a violinist. Once the song eventually ends, you realize something. Where is your father? Didn't you two have a song to do? Thoughts?
  6. Something's wrong. Your father has dreamed to be a performer ever since he was a kid. A moment after you think about this, you are interrupted by something: a howling. A blood curdling howl. Too big to be just a wolf. Everyone freezes and stops what they're doing. You all peer into the pitch black darkness, expecting to see something. You hear it again, this time closer... Thoughts?
  7. Smith's hunting dog begins barking off into the night. Smith tries to restrain him, but the massive dog breaks free and runs to the forest, where the howling it coming from. Smith panics, and shouts for somebody to go get him back before something happens to him. Woah, hold on... Is he pointing at you?!?! Being that you and Jack are the closest ones to the forest, he apparently is commanding you and your brother to go off into the night chasing after something that is howling eerily. What do you do?
  8. The two of you reluctantly heed the governor's orders and creep into the forest, while everyone else gawks at you for your boldness. Even the trees are enough to send a man running back to the safety of his home... Thoughts?
  9. Alright, this quiz is to be continued :P.
  10. So right now for the voting, the number 10 is in the lead, thanks to gotoquiz users "PeetasBiggestFan", "Wolfman1", and "Beast00". However, it is not too late to vote for how many of these I should make! So please do so! Also keep in mind that if you leave your vote in the comments section, you will get a shoutout from me in the next episode :P. Remember that the voting options are 5,10, or 15. Thanks!

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