What Naruto Tailed Beast Are Ya?

There are quite a few people wondering what Naruto tailed beast are they most like and I see Gotoquiz doesn't have the quiz for you people so here it is.

Are you a great tailed beast now you can find out in the first Gotoquiz what Naruto tailed beast are ya quiz I hope you enjoy for I made this for all Naruto lovers?

Created by: Inuzuka wolf

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  1. What is your best trait?
  2. What is your favorite element?
  3. How do you care about your friends?
  4. Considering I couldn't put every animal down I gonna ask multiple animal questions it that okay.
  5. Do you like foxes?
  6. Do you like cats or raccoons?
  7. Do you like bugs slugs or trees?
  8. Do you like turtles or octopus?
  9. Do you like horses or monkeys?
  10. Last question do you like this quiz no score effect.

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