The Beast Within Part One

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Welcome to The Beast Within! This series is mostly a suspense/horror, so don't expect it to be so uplifting as some of my other quizzes that I've made.

I have put a lot of effort into this first chapter, so expect to be blown away :P. The one thing that I tried to do in this episode is establish mood for the series.

Created by: James Bond
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  1. Welcome to the quiz everyone :P. To go along with my "Epic Summer" series, I have created this series to go along with it :). So I'll give you a little background story: The year is 1804. You are a young man of 15, currently living on the outskirts of Lyon, a small French town (Yes it actually exists :D). Fluent in English as well as French, you have a dream to one day be a musician, like your father. You come from a wealthy family living with your successful pianist father William, your companion brother of 14, Jack, and your beautiful sister of 15, Joan, who was named after your mother who sadly passed away when you were a small child. Sound good?
  2. You always heard the stories growing up. The one all children of your age most likely heard as they were growing into adults. The stories of the "Beast," who stalks the woods in the dead of night. This creature is said to have eyes as red as blood, and fur black as night, giving it the upper hand if it should desire a midnight meal. However, there comes a time when children eventually outgrow these myths. Speaking of which, do you remember the age of which you abandoned such beliefs?
  3. While you may doubt the myth, that isn't the case for others. This monster has Lyon on the edge of it's seat. As a matter of fact, things had gotten so out of hand that the governor issued a new law which an unlucky resident of Lyon is chosen. This person is chained up in shackles outside of the town square, for all to see, with a red cross formed of their own blood on their forehead, still very much alive. This person is in a way, a sacrifice for the Beast, asking for another year of safety from it's curse on the town. By nightfall of every Autumn, the Beast comes to claim it's sacrifice, and the poor sacrificed carcass is never seen again. What are your thoughts on this?
  4. That was the old Governor. Ever since the new Governor Smith came into office this summer, he already made it clear that when fall comes, there won't be any more sacrifices. While this manages to upset some, especially the church priest, Father Bailey, who seems a little off his rocker, Smith stands firm in his decision. In fact, he's gone out of his way to throw an Autumn celebration, his own way of showing Lyon that the beast doesn't exist. He has even taken the kindness to invite the entire town. Some are saying that when the Beast lurks into the town at night, and sees that he has no sacrifice, he'll go on a bloody rampage. Do you accept Governor Smith's invitation?
  5. Your family graciously accepts the invitation. A few days before the celebration, you also learn that your dear friend, Nicholas, age 14, will be at the bash. Not only this, but you also find out that Elizabeth, age 15, the girl you've had a "Crush" on ever since you met her when you were a boy, will also be there. The only one you know who actually seems to be against the idea of this party would be Jack, who believes that the Beast is out there somewhere. "Well, this is gonna be the one that gets us all killed," he would say nervously. You and your father have both been invited to perform a written piece at the banquet, your father with his grand piano and you with your... What is it that you play?
  6. While on the subject, what are your thoughts on the performance?
  7. Laying down to bed, you say your night prayers before you drift to sleep in your elegant, private room. With the party tomorrow, you need to get some sleep. Just before you drift off, what are your thoughts?
  8. Alright, so this quiz is to be continued :P
  9. Alright, so like all of my quizzes, I open up polls to vote on how many in a series I should make. The options are 5, 10, or 15. Leave your vote in the comments section. If I see that you voted, I will give you a shoutout in the next episode, that's your motivation :P.
  10. Right now, my Epic Summer Series is my top priority, so bear with me please :P.

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