The Beast Within Part Three: Bloodthirst

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Welcome to Part Three: Blood thirst! In this episode, you and Jack still wander through the woods, looking for Governor Smith's dog, who ran off into the direction of the howling.

Recap: So in Part Two, you attended Governor Smith's Autumn celebration in defiance of the Beast. But when a howling is heard from the forest in the middle of the party, everyone knows what is the source of it...

Created by: James Bond

  1. If anything, the woods get even thicker as you go deeper into the pitch black forest, the moon as your only light. A beautiful full moon, gleaming down on darkness. You and Jack slowly creep through, searching for Governor Smith's dog which had run off into the direction of the howling. Speaking of which, if something DID happen, would you do what you could to protect Jack?
  2. The path doesn't end. After some time, you hear another howling. But this one is different. It's a howl of pain. And it is VERY close. Possibly on the other side of the thicket. Thoughts?
  3. Almost immediately, the sound of the crying is cut off. You then hear the unmistakable sound of heavy feet pattering against the grass. That's it for Jack, he bolts back down the way you came. That just leaves you... What do you do?
  4. You Slowly begin creeping into the clearing. There, in the darkness, you can make out the shape of Smith's dog, in one piece. You step forward an put your hand out for the dog. Suddenly, something knocks you from behind, with the force of a freight train. You fall to the ground, something snarling on top of you. It's red eyes glare at you, illuminating it's black fur. You attempt to push it off, knowing immediately what it is, but it's too heavy. Must be at least 500 pounds. It's teeth dig in to you, with searing pain. You cry out in pain. Suddenly, after taking a small chunk out of your side, the creature simply stops, and rises. It gives you one last glare before it leaps back into the dark forest. Thoughts?
  5. Now that the creature is gone, you slowly get back up. You suddenly feel very lightheaded. You fall back down into the grass, unable to move. This wasn't just a bite, you can tell already. The last thing you see before you black out are the eerie trees around you... You wake up what seems to be almost instantly. But that can't be right, because it is now bright as day out. The bite doesn't hurt as bad, and so you lift your shirt to see what the damage is. You are shocked to see what the bite did. Around the teeth marks, the skin is a purplish-black. The bite itself is a deep tone of red. All of the wound is outlined with a dark yellow. This looks very serious. What is the first thing you do?
  6. You limp back into town. Strangely, there doesn't seem to be anyone outdoors. They may still be on the edge from what happened. You make your way to Doc John's house, to get this bite checked out. You knock on his door, and after waiting for a long time, he comes to the door. He is somewhat surprised to see you "Oh, (Your name), good to see you're back. We were all worried sick." He lets you inside "Anything I can do for you?" he asks politely. "Well, actually yes. I got a nasty bite in the woods while I was roaming around out there, and I was wondering if you had a clue as to what it was..." you say. "Well let's have a look-see," Doc John says, putting a pair of glasses on to examine your bite. "Where's the wound?" You lift up the side of your shirt to where he can see the bite. He gets a peculiar look on his face. "Where did you get that...?" he asks. What do you tell him?
  7. You tell him the whole story. He nods, as if he expected that answer. "Wait, have you seen this before?" you ask, noticing his reaction. "Only once in my earlier years..." he replies, and leads you to his couch to lay down. Once you do, he examines the bite more carefully. He purses his lips, like he's trying not to say something. "Something you wanna tell me?" you ask him. "No, no, it's nothing..." he says, helping you back up. "I'm sure you'll be fine," he says urgently. Yeah, he's hiding something. He opens the door for you to leave. You slowly walk out, suspecting something. Where is it that you go next?
  8. "Wait," you say before Doc can shut the door. "You said you've seen this on someone before. Who?" Doc sighs, as if giving in. "Old man Henry," he simply says. Your heart sinks. Old man Henry is probably the most bitter man in Lyon. He lives out on the outskirts of town, by himself. He's one of those people who the children try to avoid his house. But that's your only option. Before you go, are you stopping by your home to show everyone you're ok?
  9. K, this quiz is to be continued :P.
  10. Alright, the polls for how many I should make are still open, it's not too late! Remember that the options given are 5, 10, or 15. Also keep in mind that if you leave your vote in the comments section, I'll be giving you a shoutout in the next episode :P.

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