Imperialism in India

Do you know much about Imperialism in India? About the British rule? And the Sepoy Rebellion? If you do, then this is the quiz your looking for! I now need to make up a quota for this paragraph. And it cannot contain 'gibberish or excessive repeating characters".

Made for a History 10 powerpoint presentation, this quiz will blow your brains out, or drop your jaws. This quiz is pretty amazing. You will be impressed. For sure. I was. And I made it. And yea, it is IMPRESSIVE.

Created by: Lauren H
  1. Who was Robert Clive?
  2. The immediate cause of the Sepoy Rebellion was that:
  3. Why did the Mogul Empire decline in the 1700's?
  4. When was the East India Company founded?
  5. The opening of this made trade faster and easier between India and Europe.
  6. Who is the Empress of India, and when was she recognized as such?
  7. What is a sepoy?
  8. How did British rule NOT effect India?
  9. In 1890, only around 1000 British governors were running a colonial government that ruled how many Indians?
  10. In the early 1900's, what did Indian nationalists begin to demand?
  11. Who was Mohandas Gandhi?
  12. What did Mohandas Gandhi do?

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