The Palm Reading Quiz

Palmistry originated in India, and later moved on to China, Greece, Egypt. And now, it is a world-wide thing. Your hands can tell a lot about you. They can't tell you who you'll marry, or exactly how long you will live, but they can offer a big clue about your personality.

Ever wondered what your palms said about you? Take this simple, easy-to-follow quiz and find out! I am not a professional palm-reader, so the results might not be accurate. Its all in good fun! (Also, there are only 2 results: Open and Closed)

Created by: Die Lorelei
  1. Hold out your hands in a natural, relaxed position. Observe the position your fingers are in.
  2. Now, hold your hands up in a natural, relaxed positions and observe the angle between your thumb, and your index finger.
  3. Relax your thumb. Hold the end and rotate it with the other hand.
  4. Hold out both hands with your fingers close together. Compare the height of your index finger to the height of your ring finger.
  5. Hold out your dominant hand. You should see a line that starts below the pinkie, and runs to the other side of your hand. It should be the closest line to your hands.
  6. Look at your dominant hand. There should be a line that starts under the line we looked at in the previous question. This line is called the head line. Your head line...
  7. Your fingers are....
  8. Your fingernails are...
  9. Look at the line below the head line.(see question 8 for the "head line") This is called the life line. Your life line...
  10. The skin on the back of your hands is...

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