How odd are you?

Sooo not only are you taking the time to take this quiz.. you are also reading the paragraphs! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Are you INSANE? Why would you WANT to read something? You need help.. like, BAD, man! Just take the friggin quiz!

You are STILL reading? You must be one of those READING people! *GASP* nooo. I thought they were only a myth! Well, you, good sir.. or lady whatever you are, must be on the brink of insanity. Get help before the trash cans start to look like candy canes.

Created by: Nameless

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  1. When you are finished taking a crap, do you have to look at your art work before you flush the toilet?
  2. Right before you get in the bed, do you have to shake the covers out? Who knows? There might be a spider in them.
  3. When you blow your nose into a tissue, do you have to look at what came out of your nose before you throw the tissue away?
  4. Do you eat things off the floor?
  5. Is "banana" a word you use daily?
  6. Back in ancient Roman times.. when someone whent to the hospital, did they get a 4 in their arm, or did they just call 'em IV's?
  7. Is pie good?
  8. If you could taste the color blue, what could it taste like?
  9. Are you affraid of the word.. GOAT!
  10. Did you have fun taking this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How odd am I?