The Normality Quiz

I bet you are reading this to find out what exactly this quiz is about, but what if i didn't feel like telling you what this quiz is about. You can read can't you so that means you read the title and therefore you know what you're doing. But if you can't read, what's the point of taking this quiz? You won't even know what the heck you're doing. Sooo.... Take the quiz guess on all the questions, since you can't read, right?! This thing is pointless!!

Are you normal? Well you're about to take my quiz so obviously not. Don't worry if you're a freak cause that's just how it is sometimes. Umm... I can't be done yet?! Have super awesome greatv fun times while taking this quiz. Or don't. I don't care.

Created by: amazon

  1. The over-used cliche. Favorite color?
  2. Political party?
  3. I love music!!! Who's your favorite artists?
  4. Grades in school?
  5. Social Status in school?
  6. Describe youself.
  7. Ice-cream?
  8. Bored yet?
  9. Why are you doing this quiz?
  10. Whose your favorite character from will and grace

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