Are You Insane? :)

There are many weird people, but few who are really insane. Insane is, of course, a strange and sometimes, wonderful, thing. What is insane, really? means mad, barking mad, crazy, really really weird..But insane can also be somebody different, with completely different ideas. They may not think quite right, but they are a person. And they should be considered and thought of as a wonderful different imaginative person.

Are YOU insane? You've probably wondered! Well, this quiz will tell you in just a few minutes of your time! You have come to the right place! Welcome! Welcome!

Created by: IvystarGecko

  1. Have you ever tried to: Kill yourself Kill somebody else Hurt yourself Hurt somebody Been mean to yourself Done something and got told you were so weird
  2. If you could not find your answer above here you are.
  3. How crazy do you think you are?
  4. .
  5. Have your friends ever told you you are crazy/really weird/freaky?
  6. How much do you do weird things?
  7. You ever been told you're insane?
  8. How many times have you tried to kill yourself?
  9. Do you consider yourself insane?
  10. Bye, please rate and comment, and take my other quizzes and polls!

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Quiz topic: Am I Insane? :)