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  • Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
  • Warrior Clans
    ""Fine I will," shrugged Appledusk. Because the apprentices are too lazy. Snowfeather looked her sister in the eye, "the"
  • Rolplay?
    "Sparrowtail smiled proudly."
  • SkyClan
    "Ivyheart sighed, "Better than she was, but whatever possessed her to..?" Icepaw stood up. I'm not going to sit around doing nothin"
  • SkyClan
    "um, okay..)"
  • Warrior Cats RP
    "Ravenfeather sighed, standing up and licking her fur. It was ruffled and scraps of moss clung to it."
  • "Um, no."
  • Starlight
    "just me, randomly talking to myself.."
  • "No."
  • Warrior Cats RP
    ""Wha.." Ravenfeather yawned, blinking sleep from her eyes. She wanted to go to sleep, not get up."
  • Warrior Clans
    "yes, you can)"
  • SkyClan
  • SkyClan
    "Ivyheart tilted her head."
  • Rolplay?
    "(Petal) Volepaw puffed out his chest."
  • Warrior Clans
    ""Well, I'm not staying here to find out. You coming?" Crowfoot turned and bounded out of camp. After a second, Cherryflower followed. So..."

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