Sunstorm's love story! (She-cats) #4

Prologue: Blackheart nodded to Dewfur. "You have your plan?" he asked. She smiled. "I have my plan. I'm going out later, I'll see what I can arrange." Blackheart sighed. He had to get his paws on that she-cat!

Dewfur smiled at her brother. "I have my plan. I'm going out later, I'll see what I can arrange." Her mate would help her. Notes: You are, as always, Sunstorm, and your mate is 123.

Created by: IvystarGecko
  1. "Lilypaw! Lilypaw!" the Clan cheered for the apprentice. Even though she couldn't smell, Rainfall had agreed to train her. Lilypaw, at the front of the crowd, smiled. You watched her, so proud of your daughter. If only your son, Birchkit, could see her. But then Lilypaw said she had a Gift. She said she could see dead cats, Birchkit included. "Mama, I did it!" Lilypaw cried, standing in front of you. You purred at the happiness of the little cat. Leafpaw came and stood beside her. "You can battle train with us one day," he meowed shyly. Lilypaw nodded. "Even though I'm a medicine cat, I'm going to learn fighting and hunting!" she bounced off to her new mentor. "That's quite a child you have there," observed Moonheart, your sister. Leafpaw, Barkpaw and Cloudpaw where Moonheart's kits. "Thank you," you meowed. "Lilypaw knows there's something wrong with her, but she's fine with it. She accepts it as if she's never known anything else." you meow, praising your daughter. "She hasn't ever known anything else," pointed out Moonheart. You shrug, laughing. "I guess not. But she wouldn't like us gossiping. I'd better go and reclaim my nest in the warriors den!" you meowed, heading off. 123 greets you at the den with a purr. "I saved you your nest," he meowed. "Thanks!" you meowed. "It was nothing," he meowed, shrugging. Ashflake, a warrior older than you, sighed as he lay in his nest. "What's up, Ashflake?" asked 123. You realized Ashflake was his brother. "Nothing," sighed Ashflake. You laughed, knowing what exactly was wrong with him. "You toms are all the same!" you cried hysterically. "Ashflake's found a she-cat!" Moonheart went and looked at him, then came back. "You're right."
  2. 123 looked amazed. "How did you know!?" You laughed. "We're she-cats. We could tell you every crush every cat's ever had. Well, I couldn't, maybe Moonheart could. Well not when it concerns me." you shuffled your paws. "Still better than me," 123 pointed out. "Looks like I got to go!" he raced off in the direction of a cat calling to him. You and Moonheart where left alone. "I'm glad you're happy," Moonheart murmured, before she slid away. You stood there, alone, wondering about it all. "Are you okay?" Lilypaw stood in front of you. Her beautiful green eyes where full of understanding. "I know you miss Birchkit, but he's okay." Your heart overflowed with love for the little she-cat. Lilypaw dipped her head, and like Moonheart, slid silently away. You simply stood before collecting a piece of prey from the fresh-kill pile. You where hungry, and might as well eat. You noticed Ashflake slipping away, but didn't make much of it. So what if a warrior wanted a solo patrol? It didn't mean anything, did it? You settled back down to eating your meal.
  3. "Sunstorm?" Somecat was prodding your side. "Sunstorm, you're wanted on sunset patrol." It was 123, standing beside you. "What?" you asked. It had only been a moment ago that you where eating! "You fell asleep," 123 explained. "Oh! Thanks for waking me!" you leaped up and joined the gathered group of cats, the patrol. "Sorry," you meowed. You where forgiven and the group left camp. You started at one of the borders, and where halfway through the territory when you stumbled upon Ashflake. He looked wildly left and right. A voice came from the bushes. "Ashflake, are we safe?" "No!" Ashflake meowed. ""
  4. The leader of the patrol, Thornsong, glared at him. "I know what you've been doing!" she spat. "Just imagine how I feel!" she looked at the bushes. "Come out. You've been discovered." The holly bush she had been staring at rustled, then a she-cat poked her head out. Not just any she-cat. It was Dewfur, a ShadowClan warrior. A fat one, too, by the looks of her. "Why hang out with an overweight cat when I need you so much?" Thornsong spat, glaring at the two of them. "Ashflake, you told me you loved me!" Ashflake looked helpless. Dewfur put her nose in his fur, then looked straight at Thornsong. "Ashflake is my mate, and I'm expecting his kits!" Thornsong looked horrified at these words. "Ashflake, how could you! You know.." she swallowed back tears, "You know I'm expecting your kits! How could you betray me? Betray us?" You where shocked that Thornsong was expecting Ashflake's kits, and that Ashflake ran off with Dewfur. Barkpaw, also in the patrol, blinked, confused. "What's happening now?" he whispered. You stayed near your sister's kits. "I don't know." Dewfur leaned into Ashflake's fur, which seemed to make him make a choice. "I have decided," he meowed importantly, "to go to ShadowClan with Dewfur." The patrol looked shocked, but Ashflake and Dewfur turned tail and ran. You guided Thornsong back to camp, she was wretched with grief.
  5. When you got home, you realized that a cat had been following you. You whipped around. "Who are you?" you questioned. The black tom who had been trailing your patrol shrugged. "Hi there. I'm Blackheart, Dewfur's brother. She told me our Clans where trading warriors." the tom meowed. "Ashflake betrayed us!" Thornsong spat weakly, leaning on your shoulder. "Take me to your leader, pretties," purred Blackheart. "We're not pretties!" hissed Thornsong with the last of her breath, before she slumped on the ground. Barkpaw hurried over to Moonheart and told her about what had happened. Moonheart hushed the apprentice. "Don't start gossip, child." The rest of the patrol took Blackheart to the leader's den while you and Moonheart took Thornsong to make her nest in the nursery. "It's okay," Moonheart soothed. "Toms are heartless." Thornsong stared sightlessly, and obeyed silently when you fetched her some prey. "She's in shock," Moonheart whispered. The other queens understood. "We'll take it from here." 123 came rushing up to you. "I heard what happened! Are you okay?" You nosed him away from you, saying you where fine. Lilypaw carried herbs into the nursery. "Hi, Mama! I'm doing my first real treatment!This is thyme, for shock! I remembered it!" she cried, excited. "Good job," you praised. Moonheart smiled. Lilypaw had got Barkpaw and Cloudpaw to help her, Cloudpaw carried wet moss in her mouth and Barkpaw was bringing sticks and reeds to make Thornsong's nest waterproof. A little behind them, Leafpaw followed, gripping wool in his teeth to make the nest soft. "How helpful of them," you meowed. Moonheart nodded her agreement. "I'm going to get some food. Last thing I had was at dawn." she meowed, padding away. Barkpaw slid out of the den and cats pressed close to him, eager for him to tell of the patrol. Finally he did, and they leaned forward, enthralled. "It's a tale the elders will tell!" they cried. "Tell us more, Barkpaw!" Barkpaw, who was beginning to like the fame, told them more and more, and every time he told it it got even more interesting, changing each time. Cloudpaw, listening in, laughed to Lilypaw. "That would never really happen!" Lilypaw nodded.
  6. You noticed Rainfall going into the nursery. When she came out, she nodded to you. "The apprentices did a great job. Thornsong's calmed down a lot, and her nest is the best I've seen!" she meowed. You smiled. "Lilypaw, Cloudpaw, Barkpaw and Leafpaw do well at every task they try to do. They make a great team. If only Birchkit was with them, they would be even better." Rainfall nodded. "Now Sunstorm, you ever feel sick or hurt, you come to me, okay? I know you, you don't like telling something hurts." she meowed. You nodded like a naughty kit admitting they did wrong. Blackheart was out of the leader's den. "I'm accepted!" he meowed, padding over to you. Rainfall went to talk to Lilypaw in her den. Blackheart beckoned you. "I've got something to show you," he meowed. You followed him to behind a den, where he turned to face you. "I've watched you, Sunstorm! You are the light of my life. Dewfur wanted Ashflake, but I made a deal with her. She got what she wanted, now I want what I want. You know what I want, Sunstorm? I want you!" Blackheart meowed eagerly. "Oh Sunstorm, I've fallen in love with you!"
  7. Then Blackheart licked you all over. He lay you down and wrapped his body round yours. "Beautiful," he murmured in your ear. No matter what you did, he was strong, and held you tight. "Sunstorm, let me show you now," he meowed, and made sure you came with him into the forest. He took you into a clearing, where a little den stood. It was the nicest den you'd ever seen, designed to float, keep out the sun but still be light. Flowers grew along the walls. "Dewfur and I knew about the Plan, and every night I added to this den," he meowed. "All for you, and me, together." He lay you down in it, and although you hated to admit, you'd carried Thornsong all the way home, and where exhausted. The way the birds sang and the bugs chirped was such a pretty fell asleep. The next thing you knew, Blackheart was nudging you. "Sunstorm, it's dawn. I told them you where really tired, and I found you sleeping. Come on." he nosed you onto his back and carried you into the camp. 123 hurried to greet you and stepped back, shocked. "Put her down, Blackheart!" he commanded. Blackheart lay you gently on the ground. You scrambled up. 123 gently licked your ear. "Sunstorm, I missed you."
  8. The day passed like normal, Blackheart and 123 padded normally beside you all day, and left your side only to glare daggers at each other. Thornsong had recovered enough to look outside the nursery, and talk. The queens took care of her, even getting her to laugh once. Barkpaw and Leafpaw got camp clean-up duty, and Rainfall and Wildflower, Cloudpaw's mentor, took Cloudpaw and Lilypaw training. Lilypaw returned, still full of energy and excitement. "Oh, Mama! I did it! When Cloudpaw and I found, I saw her coming and jumped out of the way and kicked sand in her eyes!" she meowed, her eyes shining. Cloudpaw, equally bouncy and joyful, leaped up at Lilypaw's side. "But I kicked her and then I jumped on her!" Lilypaw smiled. "I rolled you off!" the two apprentices went off, arguing in a friendly way about who won. Leafpaw stared after them, tail drooping. "They had so much fun while we were stuck here!" he complained. Barkpaw, beside his brother, nudged him. "But tomorrow, we can train!" That cheered Leafpaw up.
  9. Several days later, you curled up in your nest. It had just been changed, the moss bore no scent but that of the moss collectors, Cloudpaw and Lilypaw that day, for Leafpaw and Barkpaw had had their turn. They had purred with laughter at Cloudpaw's and Lilypaw's faces when Leafpaw and Barkpaw trained instead. You tossed. The other warriors were sleeping soundly, but your belly kept pinching, almost like being poked. It must have been that squirrel you ate before getting into your nest, it must have been off. You slid out of the den. The sides dragged on your belly. You must be getting fat! It came of lying about for the last few days, you decided, yawning. But you'd been so tired lately, you hadn't felt up to a patrol or something. You ducked into the medicine den, past the screen they had for an entrance. Lilypaw was curled up in her nest there, you didn't want to wake her. Instead, you headed for Rainfall. "Rainfall!" you whispered. "My belly keeps pinching, I can't go to sleep!" Rainfall pulled her head up. "Tell me again? I didn't catch that." You sighed. "My belly keeps pinching!" Rainfall nodded. "Lie down, please." She started poking and prodding your belly. "Okay," she meowed. "You're expecting kits." You jumped to your paws. "Again? You've got to be kidding me!" Rainfall shook her head. "Nope. Take this poppy seed to help you get to sleep."
  10. Several moons of 123-Blackheart rivalry later, you where sleeping in your new nest in the nursery, curled awkwardly around your huge belly. You where woken by a twisting, writhing feeling in your belly, as if a claw was pulling your belly inside out. You gasped in pain. Only then did you notice Rainfall coming in and standing beside Thornsong's nest with her paws on Thornsong's belly. "Sshh, it's okay. Somecat get me some moss, and a stick." One of the other cats brought them to her, and you, wrapped up in your own pain, were aware of Thornshade's jaws cracking the stick and a little mewl. "There you go, Thornshade. Two beautifully healthy kits. Everyone okay in here?" she glanced around, her eyes stopping on you, your belly rippling, your face consorted with pain. "Oh. Sunstorm. Hold on in there! She grabbed one of the pieces of Thornsong's broken stick and placed it in your jaws. You bit down hard, making it splinter. A slippery bundle landed beside you. "Lick!" Rainfall directed, and you licked. Another bundle fell beside it, then another. "Three kits, Sunstorm. Three black she-cats." Rainfall meowed. Finally, she was able to leave the den, the two new mothers where on their own. Each was too exhausted by her ordeal to say much, and everyone went to sleep. The Clan would find out later.
  11. In the morning, the Clan looked at the kits. "Have you named them?" Lilypaw asked. You nodded, touching noses with your older daughter. "Hollykit, Ravenkit and Shadekit." you meowed. Lilypaw nodded, delighted. "Perfect!" You took a closer look at the kits' black pelts. It was obvious - they were Blackheart's!

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