Warrior Cats Story

PROLUGE: A ginger she-cat with a brown tail walked in. "Is Dawnpaw okay?" She asked. A black she-cat standing next to a small ginger tom nodded quietly, holding in her jaws herbs.

The ginger she-cat twitched her whiskers and walked over. "Shimmerleaf...his brother is worried sick. And so is Rainpaw-" "Go get Cloudpaw," the black she-cat snapped. The ginger she-cat flicked her ears and disappeared. Shimmerleaf sighed. "My, my," the black medicne cat meowed, "Why has StarClan chosen you to be future leader?"

Created by: Berryheart

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  1. Alright. Before the story, you are a tom named Dawnclaw. If you are a she-cat, I'm sorry. Anyway, you have a crush on a she-cat named Rainsky, and your brother is Antfang. You are the deputy, and the leader is Sweetstar. Your best friend, the medics cat, is Cloudfall, also known as Rainsky's brother. Alright?
  2. (Story starting) "Dawnclaw!" Cloudfall called. I turned and saw Rainsky and Cloudfall a fox-length away from my tail. My ears flicked back and I meowed, "What?" "I need a herb patrol. My medicne is running low," your friend requests.
  3. The cats leave you alone and you pad to Sweetstar's den. "I think it's time we apprentice Archpaw and Crookedpaw," Sweetstar mumbled. I nod as she goes on, "And I think Oceankit, Skykit, and Moonkit should be apprenticed." The white leader turned to me. "And I want you to be Moonkit's mentor, Skykit wants to be a medicne cat, and Lilydust to be Oceankit's mentor." I was honestly shocked, but I meowed, "I agree."
  4. I walked out, looking for Rainsky. (Time skip) "Congratulations, Dawnstar. You are now a father." You purr as Cloudfall says it, thinking life could be no better. Sweetstar's death was very sad, but she saved you from a dog. Skypaw puts a paw on Rainsky's belly, inspecting the ripples of unborn kits. "Good, Skypaw. Your paw in gently touching the swollen belly, but you are examineing it in a very inspiring way," Cloudfall meowed to his aprentice.
  5. You walk out of the den while cats congratulate you. Your deputy, Dustsnow, comes up to you. "Should I organize patrols?"
  6. Dustsnow leaves to put two hunting patrols and three border patrols in place. Antfang comes up to you and meows, "Congrats."
  7. Antfang goes away and you pad into your nest. Somehow, Rainsky is laying in your mossy nest, chewing on a fat rabbit. I purred and laid beside her and flicked my tail around her swolen belly.
  8. Rainsky finished her share and passed it to me. I flicked my left ear and meowed, "A Are you full?" Rainsky purred and nodded. I sighed happily and finished off the rabbit. I licked my lips and rested my head on her's. And my world fell into a happy sleep.
  9. i woke up to see a half-eaten mouse at my nose. A dark ginger pelt flashed beside me. I growled. I suddenly realized who it was. "Sagekit?" I meowed. Petalheart's kit? What was she doin here? Sagekit stumbled blindly into my tail. "Dawnstar?" The she-kit asked. "I want to hear a story." I sighed and quickly told her the story of when I was an apprentice. Sagekit blinked, said thanks, and raced out.
  10. A sudden shriek rang through the camp. "Rainsky's giving birth!" Cloudfall cried.

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