Warriors Love Story

This is my first story of warrior cats love story. Hope you like it and please rate!!!

Which cat do you like? Bramblepaw? Volepaw? Or Flamepaw? Or you don't have? Find it out!

Created by: Firestar

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  1. You are a new apprentice(a she-cat).There are three toms already in the apprentice's den.Their names are Bramblepaw,Volepaw and Flamepaw.Which nest will you choose?
  2. (whatever you choose)Flamepaw padded over and purred.You:
  3. (if you choose purr, continue with Q5.If not,choose X)Flamepaw licked you.You:
  4. (if you choose liked it,choose X.If not,continue.)You padded over to Bramblepaw/Volepaw and Bramblepaw/Volepaw meowed,"Hi,I'm Bramblepaw/Volepaw."You:
  5. (if you purred,please continue.If not,choose X)Which cat did you choose?
  6. (from now,the cat you choose is marked * ,if you did not choose,then that cat is your sister-Springleaf)* meowed,"I'll take you to your mentor.He is Tigerfight.He is a great fighter and Daystar thought that he would teach you well."You:
  7. 'skip to the tie you meet your mentor'* mewed,"This is Tigerfight.I wish you luck training with him."You:
  8. Last,which cat did you choose?
  9. Do you like this quiz?(No affect)
  10. Bye!

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