Warriors love story 2

This is part 2 of my warrior cats love story! I'm sooooooo sorry if you can't find my first quiz. You have to go to "warriors love story 1 by raven" because I changed my name for the second part (this). I swear I won't change it anymore. I am soooo stupid! In the results, the cats all have their apprentice names when they turn into warriors in the middle of the quiz! I apologize and I promise to never do that again. Now please stop reading and DO MY QUIZ! (Heh heh. Sorry. That sounded rude.)

Alright, so you get your warrior name in the middle of this, but I won't tell you what it is. Anyway, be prepared for lots of questions that will determine who your match is.

Created by: Willowsong
  1. The cat ripping your den apart is Tornface, named after the huge scar that ran from his ear to his neck. Sunpaw quickly shielded you with his body while Icepaw hissed at Tornface. What do you think to yourself?
  2. Soon, Poppylove came and pried Tornface off the den. You cuddle next to______ in fear and he licks your ears confortingly.
  3. A few minutes later, a big silver warrior padded through the entrance of the den. "My name is Wolfheart, and Streamclan is joining Stormclan (your clan) in fighting Windclan." His gaze lingered on your face for a few heartbeats, then he looked away. What is your reaction?
  4. After Wolfheart left, you peer out of the den to see your home in chaos. Cats were fighting everywhere, and shrieks pierced the air. All of a sudden, a huge paw slams into your flank and you go flying across the clearing. The Windclan tom leaps on you, then starts clawing at your face. You...
  5. The tom finally lets go, then kicks you in the stomach. Your vision gets hazy, and that's when you blacked out. You wake in the medicine den, and you hear Jaypaw's voice. "I don't care if she looks bad at the moment. She's always beautiful, inside and out,unlike you, Moonpaw." You hear Moonpaw say "But I look better than her, Jaypaw. And I bet she doesn't even like you. "Go away." Jaypaw snarls.
  6. After Moonpaw stalked away, you open your eyes to find Jaypaw staring at you. "Thank Starclan you woke up!" He meowed. The medicine cat Appledawn scurries over to you and shoos Jaypaw out the entrance. Then she started applying poultices onto your wounds. You wish desperately that:
  7. Timeskip to warrior ceremony!
  8. You puff your chest out in pride as everyone cheered: "Shimmersplash! Jaynight! Iceclaw! Duskheart! Sunripple! Pebblestream!" You turn to the toms and say, "You totally deserve it _______!
  9. The next morning you lead a hunting patrol out by the Streamclan border. "Psst!" A voice comes from a bush next to you and you leap backwards in fear. "Send the patrol away. I need to talk to you!" You had no choice to make them hunt somewhere else, promising to catch up to them later. The minute they disappeared, Wolfheart slid out of the bush and purred. "I wanted to see you." He wound around you, brushing his tail against your flank.
  10. Did you like this quiz?
  11. If you like it, TOO BAD! Hahahahahahahahaha! It's a CLIFFHANGER!

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