Warriors she-cats love story 2

Hi. Im Shimmerkit, and Im one of your sisters in the Warriors love stories. Sorry, you dont become an apprentice, yet. But, you do spend more time with the toms from last time, Grasskit and Nightpaw. You may get a bit closer to Grasskit, depending on your choices.

Just so your aware, next time you will become an apprentice, for all you eager kits. So, take part 2 of this Warriors love story, and find out, who you like now.

Created by: Shimmerkit
  1. Who did you like last time?
  2. Where did we end last time?
  3. Its the next morning. You wake up, and immediately think,
  4. You notice Applekit is back in the nursery. Shimmerkit is still sleeping beside her. The only one up besides you is Grasskit.
  5. Grasskit asks you to walk with him. He wants to show you something. You say
  6. If you answered no, Grasskit looks hurt. He turns, walks away, and lays down by his mother, Swiftfall. You go back to sleep, thinking
  7. If you answered one of the ones that isnt no, Grasskit sneaks you out of the camp. He takes you to a spot that no other LightningClan cat had ever been before. It was beautiful, a huge waterfall, with three other smaller waterfalls surrounding it. There were blooming pink flowers, and the fresh scent of greenleaf. You ask Grasskit how he found it. He tells you he was out exploring. You look up, and realize dawn is coming. You tell Grasskit that you have to get back. Grasskit leads you back to the nursery, and you go to sleep, curled up together. You think
  8. You wake back up, and realize that Grasskit is already up. So are Shimmerkit and Applekit, but your brother, Adderkit is still sleeping. You leave the nursery, and immediately look for
  9. You find your sisters and Grasskit by the fresh-kill pile. 1(no): Grasskit apologies for last night. You 2(anything but no):Grasskit talks to you in private. He asks if that can be your secret place, and you meet there every night. You
  10. Whatever you do, it doesnt matter, because you see Nightpaw. Youre thinking
  11. Nightpaw comes over to you. He asks you to talk to him in private. You go. He sits next to you, pelt brushing yours. You catch Grasskit glaring at Nightpaw from the corner of your eye. You think
  12. Nightpaw tells you he saw you and Grasskit sneak out camp last night. You reply,
  13. Whatever you replied, Nightpaw grabs you a piece of fresh kill, and offers to share. You agree, and you eat the fresh-kill with tails twisted together.
  14. #2 is done

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