Warrior cat love story! Part 2!!!

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Hey guys Whitestar here! I said I'd make an apprentice love story buuuuut...I changed my mind! So part two continued of part one! Yaaaaaaaaaay! And I added two more toms!

Have fun taking my awesome quiz! Oh and don't forget to rate it! Part 3 coming out soon. (I advise you take part 1 first before part 2!!!!!!!) :DDDDDD

Created by: Whitestar
  1. Red star pads over to you. "Hello Rosepelt,I'd like to ask you to lead a hunting patrol." You nod you head,"Of corse Redstar,who should I bring?" He stops and sits he seems to be thinking..."ok..." He says after a long pause. Please bring "Hawktail,Shadowclaw,Silversky,and...oh bring Pinefur." Your thinking:
  2. You see a brown cat who is sitting down. It must be Pinefur. "Hey Pinefur..." He nods his head barley changing his empty look as he stares out of camp. "Redstar wants me Hawktail Shadowclaw Silversky and you to go on a patrol." You say "yes..." He murmurs. "Soooo um are you coming...?" He whips his head around angrily. "Of corse I'm-" he stares at you. You heart stops..."your the one..." He whispers. His expression makes you want to run. "Are you coming?" You cough quickly. "Sure." You:
  3. Whatever you said/did you end up padding away. You bump into Silversky. "Oh Silversky I was looki-" he jumps on you and licks you face. "Good morning you gorgeous she-cat!" You blush. "Oh Silversky..." He has his whole body rapped around you and your fur is tingling. "Silversky...you naughty Tom." He looks very happy. "We need to go on a patrol! Stoooop!" He jumps up and puffs out his chest. "Yes Hawktail!" He says in a tough voice. You giggle. He licks you cheek. "Since when are you the deputy?" He winks. "I'll be there!" You see Hawktail staring at you. You say:
  4. Whatever you said. He stops you. "Ready for that patrol Rosepelt." He says. "Yep!" He looks around nervously. "Be carful with Silversky..." He whispers. You laugh. "Why?are you jealouse?" His expression is very serious. "Just...don't let him get you pregnant before you consider if he's a good mate? Ok?" You sigh. "Ok Rosepelt?" He says lifting up your chin. "Ok..." He licks you head I'm just looking out for you. Oh and...I'll be on the patrol." You say:
  5. What ever you did/said you end up looking for Shadowclaw. You bump into a black cat. "Oof." You lay your ears back,your still upset about Hawktail. It's Shadowclaw! "Sorry..." You tell him. "It's cool." You turn you head. "Um patrol?" "Sure!" He stares at you. "Hey,what's wrong?" You tell him about Hawktail. "Oh" he says gently. "Have you ever thought about...a mate." He asks. You say:
  6. Later that night at the gathering: A cute lilac calico Tom walks up to you. He has friendly eyes and a smile. "Hi!" He says. "I'm Juniperheart,from Riverclan who might I have the pleasure of meeting?" You smile "I'm Rosepelt from Thunderclan!" You say. "Ahh! Riverclan has plenty of food even though it's almost Leaf-bare." His tail flicks. You nod. "Thunderclan is also doing well" you reply. "Yes. But how is it like eating all those chewy mice and squirrels? I could never-" your conversation is stopped the gathering begins. You think.
  7. When you get back you are really tired. Silversky greets you with an lick on the ear. "How was the gathering?" he asks. "Good." you say. "I bet your sleepy." You yawn. "Yeh. 'Night Silversky." You are just padding to the den when he looks at you. "Wait...I um know we're not mates but can we have a sorta relationship? To see if we wanna be mates?" You smile. "I'll think about it." What do you do:
  8. You go into the warriors den. Pinefur is there with a daisy at his paws. "Here." He blushes. "A flower for you." He says softly. You pick it up. "Thank you." You lay down but he lays on you and intwines his tail with yours. What do you do:
  9. The next day: Hawktail is hunting with you. His pelt brushes with yours. "So um...Rosepelt..." He mews. "Yeh?" You purr sweetly. "I'm sorry....for um what happen. What I said about Silversky." He sighs "I guess I maybe was a little jealous..." You blush. "Hey why are you blushing?" He asks. "Well I'm sorry to. Maybe I'm just a little to nice to Silversky." "your nice to everyone." He purrs. You:
  10. Later you are with Shadowclaw. "Isortamaybekkkkkindalikayarosepelt." He says quickly. "What?" You ask. "I-I....you see...well I um sorta....uh maybe,kinda...well I like you!" You are shocked. "Me?!" You ask "yes..." He says. "You a really great friend but I-
  11. The next day: you see Juniperheart at the boarder. He smiles to you. "Hi Rosepelt!" "Oh hi Juniperheart." You have a nice talk and comes close to the edge of your territory. "I know we just met but..." He licks your cheek. You blush you are shocked so you:
  12. You smell a strong scent of Riverclan and Thunderclan! It's patrols! You try to run but you see Riverclan coming! A huge rusty brown Tom looks at you. "What are you doing so close to Riverclan?".... TO BE CONTINUED!!!

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