Warrior Cats Love Story Part 4

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Welcome to the exciting part 4 of my Warriors Love Story saga. Man, I tell you this part's gonna be very exciting! From the get go you will experience the pleasures of being a warrior, but will the night end like a dream, or a total disaster?

As usual you play as Saplingpaw, the beautiful and caring brown tabby she-cat. And you play in the heart of her dramatic love life. With five toms chasing you, who will you choose, or will you remain casual? Please play parts 1, 2, and 3 before taking this quiz! Thanks :)

Created by: Sskittykat

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  1. It's been five moons since Rushflower gave birth to Harekit, Quailkit, and Raccoonkit. Lilacstar had punished you for helping deliver an enemy's kits, but Maplesong had talked her out of it. You learned the mysteious BerryClan apprentice's name was Ginkgopaw. He's been chatting you up at gatherings, thanking you for helping to deliver his brother and sisters. Glazepaw has become an apt medicine cat, and helped the clan through a green cough epidemic. He also helped you mother deliver your little brothers, Rowankit and Russetkit. Tortoisepaw and Shadepaw have been training alongside you, and you guys have supported each other all the way. Spidercloud keeps eyeing you like he wants to approach you, and tell you something important. And, of course, you are excited because you are now at your warrior ceremony! Even though Glazepaw should be named at the Crystal pool at the next medicine cat gathering, Maplesong has fallen ill, and requested he be named along with you and the other apprentices. "MoonClan hear my words," Lilacstar began. "I present you with these apprentices, in hopes you will accept the names I give them," You couldn't move, except for the occasional twitch of your whiskers... "Shadepaw is now Shadewillow, Tortoisepaw is now Tortoiselight, Glazepaw is now Glazemoon, and Saplingpaw is now... Saplingbud!" Lilacstar announced to the clan. They all joined in by chanting "Shadewillow, Tortoiselight, Glazemoon, Saplingbud!" You gazed over at Spidercloud, he seemed to be cheering your name the loudest. What are your thoughts?
  2. It's time for the gathering, and Lilacstar adds onto the ceremony by naming everyone who will go. "Carpleap, Glazemoon, Shadewillow, Tortoiselight, Saplingbud, Spidercloud, Molepaw and Larchpaw will come to the gathering tonight," she announced. Your mother was frantically trying to prep you for the gathering. "It's your first gathering as a warrior, and I want you to look nice!" she panted. "I don't want my daughter to forever be known as the slob that came to the gathering with ratty fur!" As the hours passed, and the sun sank below the horizon the gathering was starting. You had an option on who to talk to, who do you speak to?
  3. As you had a nice time talking to ____. The leaders silence everyone, and begin the gathering. Acornstar steps up first. "We currently named one of our apprentices, Ginkgopaw is now Ginkgotree!" he announced. "Ginkgtree! Ginkgotree!" Many warrior chanted as Ginkgotree looked sheepishly down at his paws.
  4. Lilacstar steps up next, and announces your new names to the cats at the gathering. "Glazemoon, Tortoiselight, Shadewillow, Saplingbud!" they all shout. You see five toms blushing at you, Shadewillow, Tortoiselight, Ginkgotree, Spidercloud, and Glazemoon. What are your thoughts?
  5. The leaders allow some time to mingle before they depart from the gathering. Ginkgotree approaches you. How do you greet him?
  6. Ginkgotree shows his gratitude for you help in delivering Rushflower's kits. As usual you tell him it was nothing, and you didn't want any kits to suffer. As you pad home it starts to rain, and your fur becomes soggy. You've always hated water, even though there were a lot of running streams around your territory. Lilacstar suddenly stops everyone and begins howling in protest... over something. You're in the back of the group, and it's kind of hard to see, but you can catch a glimpse of a... a flood! Your camp is flooding! Your mind starts to race, what are you thinking about?
  7. You cannot seek help from anyone, as they've all started running around like a bunch of scared mice, but you sense something familiar... a scent maybe... You look behind you to witness, Ginkgotree! He approaches with a rose in him mouth, but it falls from his jaws as his mouth hangs open, and he rushes to you to see what's happened. You tell him everything, even about your mother, brothers, and the medicine cat being trapped in camp. "We can't just sit here!" he shouted. He climbs on top of a high branch, and begins giving orders to your clan, even Lilacstar who hisses in protest. "Do you really think this is a good time to argue when a queen, her kits, and a medicine cat are still trapped inside your flooded camp?" he growls. "Move it everyone!"
  8. You end up paired with Ginkgotree on a search party for your mother, brothers, Maplesong, and a few other cats that were left behind. What is the first place you check?
  9. No matter what you do Ginkgotree herds you to the nursery to look for you mother. As the swirling tides collide with each other you see a dark ginger figure splashing in the distance. "Russetkit!" You yowl, as you jump into the dark blue pool. You gaze up at Ginkgotree... he seems to be muttering something... you can barely make out his words, b-but he's saying "I love you" Although it comes as a shock you take no notice as you swim towards Russetkit. He's clinging to a barely stable tree "Grab my paw!" you order. His paw inches closer... closer... and then you're knocked aside! By a cat! "Hey what are you doing!" you are shocked to see that the cat is..... annnnndddd cliffhanger!
  10. Okay, well as usual, give feedback, rate, comment! And have a nice day!

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