~Fire alone can save us.. [Warrior Cats Story: Part 2]~

Hello guys, Br0wnieBunny here. This is the second part of my new series: ~Fire alone can save us.. [Warrior Cats Story]~, and I appreciate that you are taking the time to read it.

Let me tell you guys what. Every day, or every 2-3 days, a new part of ~Fire alone can save us.. [Warrior Cats Story]~ will be finalized and posted. Thank you guys!

Created by: Br0wnieBunny
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  1. Okay, so before we start the second part of this series, I would like to warn you: this part of the series is the continued prologue of the previous part. If you have not read part one, or part one's prologue, atleast, please read that before you read this, because it will become a bit confusing in the beginning if you don't. Thanks!
  2. An eerie feeling came from the presence of the forest, making Rusty's pelt puff out. As Rusty walked through the tall, thick grass, his feet crunched quietly. He walked forward a bit more, making a small crow fly away. Rusty perked his ears up, curiously easing his way around a tree and noticed a small squirrel hopping around with a nut in it's hand. He smiled with surprised satisfaction, lowering himself, about to strike at the prey in front of him. Rusty stared at it carefully, narrowed his eyes, flicked his tail, and took a really tiny step, but the squirrel seemed to hear him, and it ran up the tree. He sighed with disappointment.
  3. Rusty heard some rustling in the area. Suddenly, a cat dashed out of the bushes and tackled Rusty, screeching in fierce warning. Rusty kicked the cat off of his pelt and got up to flee. "It's impossible to run away!" Rusty thought as he stared into the thick trees, then turned to the cat, guiltily accepting his challenge.
  4. Rusty faced his foe, tackling them and digging his claws in their pelt. The cat managed to escape Rusty's paws, and then flicked their tail. "Hi there, kittypet! You put up quite a fight for a tame cat!" Rusty bristled his fur. "And I'll fight you again if I have to." The cat chuckled. "I'm Greypaw, by the way, I'm training to be a ThunderClan warrior." Rusty lifted his head a bit. "What's a kittypet like you doing out in the woods, anyway?" Greypaw asked. "If you're the most dangerous thing the woods has to offer, then I think I can handle it." Rusty challenged. Greypaw laughed. "Oh, I'm far from the most dangerous. If I were even half a warrior, I'd have given an intruder like you some real wounds to think about."
  5. "Anyway," Greypaw licked his paw. "I didn't think it was worth hurting you. You're obviously not from one of the other clans." Rusty looked puzzled. "Other clans?" Greypaw sighed. "You must have heard of the four clans that hunt around here! I belong to ThunderClan. The other clans are always trying to steal prey from our territory, especially ShadowClan. They're so fierce, they would've ripped you into shreds, no questions asked. They come to take prey that is rightfully ours. It's the job of ThunderClan warriors to keep them out of our territory. When I'm finished with my training, I'll be so dangerous, I'll have the other clans shaking in their flea-bitten skins. They won't dare come near us, then!"
  6. Rusty looked around. "So, you're not a warrior yet?" Greypaw looked at Rusty. "Why? Did you think I was? I won't be a real warrior for ages. I have to go through training first. Kits have to be six moons old before they even start their training. Tonight is my first night out as an apprentice." Rusty stared at Greypaw. "Why don't you find yourself an owner with a nice, cozy home, instead? There are plenty of house-folk who would take in a kitten like you. All you have to do is sit where they can see you and look hungry for a couple of days." Greypaw sneered. "And they'd feed me food pellets that looks like rabbit droppings and soft slop! No way! I can't think of anything worse than being a kittypet! They're nothing but twoleg toys, eating stuff that doesn't even look like food, making dirt in a box of gravel, sticking their noses outside only when their twolegs allow them? That's no life!" Rusty looked down. Greypaw continued. "Out here, it's wild, and it's free. We come and go as we please. Until you've tasted a fresh-killed mouse, you haven't lived."
  7. Greypaw stared at Rusty. "Have you ever tasted mouse?" Rusty sighed. "No, not yet.." Greypaw looked up at the sky. "I guess you'll never understand. You weren't born wild. It makes a big difference. You need to be born with warrior blood in your veins, or feel the wind in your whiskers. Cats born in twoleg nests could never feel the same way." Greypaw hesitated. "I smell cats from my clan! You should go, they wouldn't be pleased to see you in ThunderClan territory!" Rusty shook his head. "B-but I can't smell anything.." Greypaw yowled. "Quick!" Rusty got up and tried to run away, but it was not quickly enough.
  8. "What's going on here?" a calm she-cat voice asked. "Bluestar!" Greypaw dipped his head. Behind Bluestar, a large, long-haired ginger tom cat followed. Greypaw lowered himself as Rusty stared quietly. "You shouldn't be so close to the twoleg area, Greypaw." the large ginger tom spoke with a deep, broad voice. "I know, Lionheart, I'm sorry." Greypaw lay down in submission. Rusty did the same as Greypaw. "Who is this?" Bluestar asked. "He's no threat." Greypaw calmly said. "He's not another clan warrior, just a twoleg pet from beyond our territories." Rusty narrowed his eyes at how weak Greypaw made him sound. Greypaw looked at Rusty, then at Bluestar. "This is Bluestar; she's the leader of my clan!" Greypaw looked at Lionheart. "And this is Lionheart, he's my mentor, which means he's training me to be a warrior." Lionheart dipped his head. "Thank you for the introduction, Greypaw."
  9. Bluestar smiled at Rusty. "You fight well for a kittypet. We have been watching you both." she then turned to look at Greypaw. "We wondered how you would deal with an intruder, Greypaw. You attacked him bravely." Greypaw smiled in triumph. "Sit up now, both of you. You too, kittypet." Bluestar purred. Rusty got up, looking satisfied. Bluestar nodded. "You reacted well to the attack, kittypet. Greypaw is stronger than you, but you used your wits to defend yourself. And you turned to face him when he chased you. I have not seen a kittypet do that before." Rusty smiled gratefully. Bluestar continued. "I have been wondering how you would preform out here, beyond the twoleg place. We patrol this border frequently, so I have often seen you sitting on your boundary, staring out into the forest. And now, at last, you have dared to place your paws here."

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