~Fire alone can save us.. [Warrior Cats Story: Part 3]~

Hello guys, Br0wnieBunny here. This is the third part of my new series: ~Fire alone can save us.. [Warrior Cats Story]~, and I appreciate that you are taking the time to read it.

Let me tell you guys what. Every day, or every 2-3 days, a new part of ~Fire alone can save us.. [Warrior Cats Story]~ will be finalized and posted. Thank you guys!

Created by: Br0wnieBunny
  1. Okay, so before we start the third part of this series, I would like to warn you: this part of the series is the continued prologue of the two previous parts. If you have not read part one, or part one's prologue, atleast, please start reading that and also read part two before you read this, because it will become a bit confusing in the beginning if you don't. Thanks!
  2. Bluestar's gaze grew proud. "You do seem to have a natural hunting ability, kittypet, which are sharp eyes. You would have caught that mouse if you had not hesitated so long." Rusty was overjoyed. "R-really!?" Lionheart's stare grew cold. "Bluestar, this is a kittypet. He should not be hunting in ThunderClan territory. Send him home to his twolegs." The look in Rusty's eyes grew from glee to sorrow. "Send me home? But I've only come to hunt for a mouse or two. I'm sure there's enough to go around." Bluestar's gaze grew cold like Lionheart's. "There's never enough to go around, if you didn't live such a soft, overfed life, you would know that! You threaten our clan when you take our food, you have plenty of food in your twoleg nest already. You come here only to hunt for sport, but we hunt to survive." Rusty padded up to Bluestar. "I had never thought of it that way, before. I am sorry, I will not hunt here again."
  3. Bluestar's gaze then became full of guilt. She looked at Lionheart, then back at Rusty. "You are an unsual kittypet, Rusty." Rusty and Greypaw smiled, but then Rusty hesitated. "Is survival here really so hard?" Bluestar blinked for a moment. "Our territory covers only part of the forest, we compete with other clans for what we have. And this year, late newleaf means prey is scarce." Rusty looked fascinated. "Is your clan very big?" Bluestar noticed Rusty's fascination, but remained at the same tone. "Big enough. Our territory can support us, but there is no prey left over." Rusty flicked his ears. "Are you all warriors, then?" Lionheart puffed out his long mane, croaking broadly. "Some are warriors. Some are too young or too old or too busy caring for kits to hunt." Rusty had so many questions filling his mind. "And you all live and share prey together?" A brief moment of silence occurred before Bluestar was the one to answer. "Perhaps you should find out these things, yourself."
  4. Bluestar's purred, her tail flowing in interest. "Would you like to join ThunderClan? If you did, you would train with Greypaw to become a clan warrior." Greypaw whimpered. "But--kittypets can't be warriors! They don't have warrior blood!" Bluestar narrowed her eyes. "Warrior blood. Too much of that has been spilled, lately." Lionheart stepped forward. "Bluestar is only offering you training, young kit. There is no guarantee that you would become a full warrior. It might prove too difficult for you. After all, you are used to a more comfortable life." Rusty's pelt puffed. "Why offer me the chance, then?" Bluestar motioned to Lionheart with a flick of her tail that what he said was enough, then looked at Rusty. "You are right to question are motives, young one. The fact is, ThunderClan needs more warriors." Lionheart flattened his ears. "Understand that Bluestar does not make this offer lightly. If you wish to train with us, we will have to take you into our clan."
  5. Lionheart continued. "You must either live with us and respect our ways, or return to your twoleg place and never come back. You can not live with a paw in each world." Bluestar stared at Rusty with compassion. "Are you wondering if it's worth giving up your comfortable kittypet life? But you realize the price you will pay for your warmth and food? The clan may not be able to offer you such easy food or warmth. In the season of leafbare, nights in the forest can be cruel. The clan will demand great loyalty and hard work. You will be expected to protect the clan with your life if necessary. And there are many mouths to feed. But the rewards are great. You will remain as a tom. You will be trained in the ways of the wild. You will learn what it is like to be a real cat. The strength and the fellowship of the clan will always be with you, even when you hunt alone." Rusty looked down, absorbing every word.
  6. Lionheart looked at Bluestar. "Come, Bluestar, let's not waste anymore time here. We must be ready to join the other patrol at moonhigh. Tigerclaw will wonder what has become of us." Rusty shouted aloud. "Wait! Can I think about your offer?" Bluestar looked over her shoulder as she turned. "Lionheart will be here tomorrow at sunhigh. Give him your answer then." Bluestar then ran off with Lionheart.
  7. Rusty nodded, then turning to return to his twoleg nest. The wind blew on his delicate orange fur, and he ran off as well.

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