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  • "school is great. it's almost like an escape from everything else and I never thought I would say that. it's literally so much fun. I love my..."
  • "I only swear around my parents and siblings. anyone else and my ass is grass. the rest of my family is pretty conservative"
  • "but i have bills and groceries to help pay for plus gas and some car parts sooooooo uhhhhhhhh i kinda haveta stay"
  • "hm wow. i really don't like my job."
  • "all other schools: close because of severe heat wave me: sweats nervously, both literally and figuratively"
  • what the fucj
    "its been so long i don't know what to call you anymore, is it ok if i ask for your name and pronouns?"
  • "you finna scramble like an egg 'fo you get folded like an omelet bruh"
  • "i'm sorry i literally passed out like 5 minutes after saying hi to you if you're still on, i'm good. what are you up to?"
  • "i normally type like this unless i'm talking to someone important like my boss or a teacher, or writing something like an essay or a report...."
  • "oh hi! how are you"
  • "cats are so cute. I love them"
  • "also, i'm SO close to getting my license. i should be completely done with driving school and in car in a week and a half, ssssoooo. then i'..."
  • "school is exhausting but it's not as bad as regular school. my classes are actually pretty neat. i'm going to a career academy and i really ..."
  • "yeah me and that boy? we're kind of dating but kind of not? it's complicated and i'm too tired to explain now but i thought i'd maybe give a..."
  • hewwo
    "owo what's this?"

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