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  • "drink water"
  • "says 404 file not found. maybe you made a typo in the link or the thread somehow was deleted (not sure why it would be)"
  • "sorry tremendus, would you be able to space out your link like derecho did? can't really see it"
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    "two until classes are over"
  • br0wnie
    "four weeks until move out"
  • My mom just went bald
    "very sorry, it can be hard to see someone dealing with cancer but i believe in her and i think she's really strong"
  • br0wnie
    "hey everyone"
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  • Mod Check-In Thread
    "04.14.21 we did mark one post today, but that is all. and if you're reading this, take another good look at the thread we made "
  • br0wnie
    "my ear has been clogged for the past two days. thinking of buying one of those ear cleaners with the microscope camera off of amazon for lik..."
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    "hating apple samsung users doctors"
  • br0wnie
  • br0wnie
    "like the tiniest fragment of my memories showed back up in the dairy isle and i'm like "ok guess i'm buying like, five""
  • br0wnie
    "you know, i never realized they still had dunkaroos until i went grocery shopping again"
  • br0wnie
    "they started me on fries for the first time. nothing i'm unfamiliar with cause ya know, i've had many many fast food jobs but it's never rea..."

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