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  • "i really like red velvet & bts"
  • "yuqi"
  • "i want that oh my oh my o-m-g i want that right now, no brb i want that all matte big black SUV i want that, i want that"
  • br0wnie
    "oh my gosh hey! i didn’t see your post until now but how are you doing?"
  • br0wnie
    "current mood: 7/11 hot dog on a roller"
  • br0wnie
    "i haven’t decided yet, but there’s a theory going around in the fandom. not sure if you heard, but some people have been saying genshin is i"
  • br0wnie
    "fifidee: nice she sounds neat! do you have any art or ref of her? also I don’t blame you neuv and wrio are.. *sweats*"
  • br0wnie
    "here is a wip of my lucina’s ref sheet i’m still tweaking some parts of her design"
  • br0wnie
    "no way, tell me about her"
  • "10 year club "
  • br0wnie
    "heph: if there’s an eyepatch we’re a match baby fifidee: beidou is SO GOOD, one of the "
  • br0wnie
    "actually i tend to like the lore and personalities of four stars a lot more, my favorite characters of all time are beidou and kaeya. but fi..."
  • br0wnie
    "in terms of favorite play style, i might say xiao though"
  • br0wnie
    "probably kazuha, but navia’s really growing on me"
  • br0wnie
    "1. navia - artifacts 2. hu tao - hp% sands 3. nilou 4. keqing 5. mona/qiqi"

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