Dafuq Posts - Part 2! xD

So, uhm..this quiz is for entertainment purposes and entertainment purposes only, so sit back, laugh, and relax to this quiz! Heh, thank you~! c:

So, yup. The first opening paragraph for this quiz has explained it all, these are only questions called "Dafuq Posts". And yes, it's a really real thing!

Created by: Br0wnieBunny
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  1. "Ten year olds have an iPhone, iPod, Kindle Fire, and a MacBook. When I was 10, I felt cool with my new markers."
  2. "Whatever you do in life, give 100%..unless you're donating blood."
  3. "Society is funny. They always tell you to be yourself, yet they judge you."
  4. "Saying NO before someone finishes their question."
  5. "'Haha, you flinched!' Well yeah, because you almost freaking punched me in the face."
  6. Me: *breathes* Mom: I'm sick and tired of your attitude.
  7. "Saying dude before you say something important."
  8. "Maybe you should eat some makeup so you can feel pretty on the inside, too."
  9. "I wonder if clothes in China say 'made around the corner' or something."
  10. "IDGAF. I don't give away food."

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