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Have you started to eat more locally since reading this blog? I hope that posts about farm visits will make you want to visit one near you, posts about the CSA will make you want to join on and posts of movie of book reviews will persuade you to pick up a copy.

Take this quiz and let me know! See what kind of eater you are a get a few suggestions on how to eat more locally. Plus your answers will give me some insight as to what I should post about. Thanks.

Created by: Signe of The Veg Table
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  1. Have you read any Michael Pollan or seen movies like Fresh, Food, Inc. or King Corn?
  2. Are you a member of Slow Food USA, a food coop or
  3. Do you choose local restaurants and wholesalers when possible? Do you shop at the farmer's market or Kickass Cupcakes? Have you eaten at Garden at the Cellar?
  4. Have you considered signing up for a CSA share this summer?
  5. Have you signed any of the petitions from NSAC or AFT that I've posted? Did you participate in the Slow Food time for lunch campaign or protest in the day of action? Have you pledged to buy a percentage organic or signed on to the 10% shift campaign?
  6. Have you visited a farm or met a farmer in your area?
  7. Have you gone apple or blueberry picking or foraged for mushrooms in your area?
  8. Did you preserve some of last summer's bounty that you are enjoying now?
  9. Do you volunteer on a farm or go to your local farm to buy produce?
  10. Do you have a garden or farm where you grow some of your own food?

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Quiz topic: How local am I?