The ultimate STN quiz!

Have you ever heard this infamous first line?: I am Teddy. Once you read this, you cant escape! Are you to annoyed by these posts? Then join the STN!

The STN is a group of people who post anti-Teddy posts and who's sole purpose is to stop Teddy! But what do you truly know about them? Take my quiz to find out!

Created by: Morgan4eva13
  1. What does "Teddy" look like?
  2. Why do we hate Teddy?
  3. What tragedy happened becuase of Teddy chaimail?
  4. Are you annoyed when Teddy puts chaimail on your quizzes?
  5. What is the Stn's purpose?
  6. Do you hate Teddy?
  7. Do you post Teddy chainmail?
  8. Will you vote up this quiz?
  9. Who is Teddy's first "victim"?
  10. Last question: Will you put good comments about the STN on every quiz?

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