Ultimate Dragon Ball GT Test

There are many people out there that love Dragon Ball GT. But his quiz separates the ultimate fans from the normal fans from the ones who just like it and don't understand it. Take this quiz to see if you are THE ULTIMATE DRAGON BALL GT FAN!

Are you a Ultimate Dragon Ball GT fan? Are you just a fan who knows and doesn't know? Are you someone who likes Dragon Ball GT and doesn't understand it? Now are you curious? But now thanks to this wonderful test all those questions can now be answered!

Created by: Andrew
  1. What race did Baby want to expand?
  2. What was Giru's production code?
  3. Who created Baby?
  4. Which Doctor had control over Super #17?
  5. What finisher did Goku use to defeat Super #17?
  6. What power did Lord Muchimuch use on those who failed orders, or resisted?
  7. What race did Dr. Muu want the whole universe to be?
  8. When the Earth blew up because of the black star dragon balls, why did Piccolo decide to die?
  9. What power did Hays Shenron have?
  10. Which dragon had the power of regeneration?
  11. What special ability did Natron Shenron have?
  12. When Ice shenron threw his ice towards goku, which sense did it weaken?
  13. Goku made it certain that Omega wasn't going to to absorb the Four Star Dragon Ball. What did he do to prove it?
  14. What move did Goku use to destroy Omega Shenron?
  15. What idea did Vegeta have when he turned into SS4 just like Goku?
  16. Why did Baby use Vegeta's body to kill Goku?
  17. How was Baby able to talk while in his Great Ape Form?
  18. How did everyone from Hell escape to Earth?
  19. On what condition would Shenron bring back the Dragon Balls?
  20. At the end of DBGT what did Shenron do with the Dragon Balls?
  21. Who fought in the very last Jr. S division ever shown in dBGT?

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