What Z Fighter are you?

In the realm of DBZ, there are saiyans, namekians, humans, androids, mutants and all sorts of other races from every corner of the cosmos. Everyone of them are unique and powerful in their own way, with attributes others may not possess.

However, there is only one quite like me. Amidst a band of great heroes of Earth, only one Z Fighter matches my personality. This quiz is made to close that gape and find out!

Created by: Magno Santos
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  1. What do you like to do during your spare time?
  2. Are you proud of your heritage?
  3. Would you show mercy to an arch-rival who is weaker than yourself?
  4. When you go to the mall, you try out every outfit you see because you know you will look beautiful in whatever you wear.
  5. The perfect Sunday to be spent is in peace and tranquility, preferably by a waterfall.
  6. Fighting is a burden more often than not. I only fight when it is absolutely necessary.
  7. My opinion on married life is...
  8. The weak deserve no pity, only the strong deserve to live!
  9. If a magical dragon granted you two wishes, what would they be?
  10. No matter how much I elevate in life, I will never forget my true friends.

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Quiz topic: What Z Fighter am I?