how good of a fighter are you ?

people fight all the time but very few people really fight fare nice or with out any weapons there are many types of fighters but the ones that you can choose from arent like ka -rot-ta or box-er

what kind of a fighter are u do u think you are top dogor a loud mouth take the quiz and findout if you dont like the test go and cry in your room and take the emo test

Created by: codey
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you run your own crew
  2. would you lock your self in a room with an armed person
  3. would you gang up on some body
  4. wold usmear blood on your self
  5. are you scared of anything
  6. how tall are you
  7. do you talk alot
  8. has your arm been broken more than once
  9. if it came down to it would you fight your teacher
  10. do you walk with a limp
  11. do you think u are big and bad

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Quiz topic: How good of a fighter am I ?