which female Mortal Kombat fighter are you

MK people never give yo the chance t see who u really are so if you take this awesome quiz you will truly know! instead of playing MK be MK you could really be the true queen or the true fighter well u might not be queen as well as warrior but yeah right on lets do this!!!

ummmmm r u a good tribe member or part of the roylty keeper of the queen or warrior of the world so ur queen try out cam anding people if you worrior then do what people care i mean hey dont care do whaca want i dont controll your life yo do

Created by: jade

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. r u a godess
  2. r u a fighter for you clan
  3. what pet?
  4. friends/alies
  5. leader
  6. fav weapon
  7. style
  8. wilderness
  9. u care bout you figure
  10. your friend is....

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Quiz topic: Which female Mortal Kombat fighter am I