Who Ever Heard of an Honorary Berry

Have you ever heard of an Honorary Berry? How much have you heard? Would you know one if you saw one? Are you a Berry expert? Test your knowledge and your guessing skills!

You might learn something new. May cause laughter (mostly at the ancient musical history, not the modern musical history)... Can you pass the test? Are you awake? Have you had your Wheaties? Good.

Created by: Groovy by Association

  1. I love music!
  2. How old was I when I sang my very first song ever?
  3. Which artists' songs did I sing with my sisters?
  4. Which album did my sisters, my Smith-cousins, and I wear out by listening to?
  5. Until it disappeared, what was my favorite to listen to?
  6. Which is my favorite to listen to now?
  7. Which instrument did I play first?
  8. What was my second instrument?
  9. What color is my guitar, and why don't I play it out?
  10. How long have I owned it?
  11. What was the very first song I played on guitar, and how long did it take me to learn it?
  12. Who taught me how to play guitar?
  13. Which of the following didn't I like to use when I first started playing guitar?
  14. Which of these concerts -didn't- I attend?
  15. Me? At Festival?
  16. I love 'em all, but which is my favorite Snauzeberry song and why?
  17. These are some of my favorite songs Travis plays, but which is my #1?
  18. These are some of my favorite songs Cory plays. Which one is my #1?
  19. Which song was the first song I'd ever sung w/Cory?

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