What kind of a star wars fan are you

Star Wars is very popular many people have seen it or atleast heard of it. I know that I have never had to explain Star Wars to anyone evryone seems to atleast have heard of it.

But How much have you heard of it areyou obsessed with Star wars or are you just some one who enjoys like any other movie.Tak this quiz as a test of your true Star Wars knowlege. May the Force be with You.

Created by: Crystal Sexton
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  1. The original trilogy of Star Wars consists of what three episodes.
  2. Who is the creator of Star Wars?
  3. Who plays Luke Skywalker
  4. Who plays Emperor Palpatine?
  5. Which Star wars movie was the first to be released in 1977.
  6. Which Star Wars book takes place right after Return of the jedi?
  7. what are the three books known as the thrawn trilogy written by Timothy Zahn?
  8. Who does Luke Skywalker Marry?
  9. Who first wrote the character Mara Jade?
  10. What date did was Star wars a new hope released?
  11. What does Blueharvest mean?

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Quiz topic: What kind of a star wars fan am I