Have you ever wondered what kind of internet marketer you are? What about if you were in the star wars universe? You see my young padawan, making money online can take many paths, which one have you taken?

Okay, since you've probably never really thought about it (honestly, who would), I created this quiz which will show you which star wars character your internet marketing style is most like. It's pretty short, and a lot of fun. What star wars character is most like YOU, fellow internet marketer?

Created by: Matt
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  1. Have you ever made money online through internet marketing?
  2. Do you own your own website?
  3. Have you ever created a product or ebook and sold it?
  4. Have you ever used an automated tool to promote your site, possibly angering other people in the process?
  5. Do you enjoy teaching and sharing tips with others, such as in internet marketing forums?
  6. If I were to look at your promotional tactics for your internet marketing, would I say....
  7. What is your plan for your business?
  8. Would you step on someone's toes just to make a profit?
  9. Complete this sentence: Internet marketing is
  10. What do you think about this quiz?

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