Are You a True Star Wars Expert?

Star Wars, it's everyone's favorite galaxy far, far away. But how much do you actually know about that galaxy? With some much material released related, to Star Wars, there is so much to know!

How much of that knowledge do you know? Are you a Jedi Master or a padawan? Now thanks to this quiz you can find out. I hope you like this quiz and thanks for taking it.

Created by: Cody M
  1. What kind of crystals to Sith use to create their lightsaber blades?
  2. What force ability did Darth Nihlus master the most?
  3. Who did Chancellor Palpatine suceed to office?
  4. When could Darth Vader take off his helmet?
  5. How old is Yoda when he dies?
  6. Who killed Darth Malak?
  7. Kylo Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke are not Sith. What are they?
  8. In episode 5, when does Lando Calrissian betray Han Solo?
  9. What does Darth Vader say about Admiral Ozzel when he alerts the rebels to their presence?
  10. In Star Wars Rebels, who is more powerful, the fifth brother or the seventh sister?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Star Wars Expert?